Mother to a Six Year Old.

Six years ago today I left the hospital with my 2 day old baby boy. He changed me into a better person. God placed him into my car with purpose. We have been through so much together. And with God’s grace he has overcome mountains. 
He has dealt with parents who 5months into his life split. I know focusing on the past sets up a situation that makes you miss the present, but I can’t help but wonder what might have been should I have fought a little harder. But everything happens for a reason. 
He dealt with his diagnosis at 2 and a half. And here we are at twelve nearly at the finish line of the kick Autism in the butt race. I’m struggling with 2 issues right now in my life and one is getting his treatment provided to him I’m a homeschooling situation. I went for a walk to pray and think about what to do about my other situation and I came home with ideas and a plan to deal with our therapy/homeschooling problems. Funny how it all works. 
I’m missing my baby boy. He’s out at the lake with his father and won’t be home till tonight around 10. I miss him so much when he’s gone. Day visits don’t bother me as much. I use the time to work on my relationship, get my shopping done, clean, etc. But night visits kill me. I do not like not being there to tuck him in. I miss his little voice asking me to cuddle with him. Or “Mom, I ask you a question. What is 3+10+3+10+9 equals what mom.”
His birthday was amazing. The daytime was low key. His morning tutor brought him candy for his birthday present. And he asked for birthday pancakes which I made him. Them after work my parents and brother arrived and we made burgers for supper. Then we opened presents. He was so happy! I’ll post a picture when I can get on my laptop. He got 2 DS games, Monopoly Jr(which we played he he caught on so quick!), Twister, a pile of Little Critter books, 5 Scooby Doo books, 2 backyardagains books, aLook and Find book, silly face sticker book, 3 Transformers, a new bow, 2 WorryWoo plushies and books, two gift bags bursting with clothes, a Readeez DVD, and a cute Marvel Kids matching games. My parents also bought him a bike, after many hours of research and reading reviews they finally made a decision after reading some great reviews on best bikes. I thought a 16″ would be perfect. But my dad thought that would not last him and we should get an 18″. Well they found an 18″ in the states and bought it for him. He sat on it and his feet could not touch the ground. So they are going to save that one for next year and promised to find him a 16″. But for some reason they are hard to come by. 
Overall I think it was an amazing day. I didn’t cry like I did when he turned 5. I think it was his best birthday to date. We are so excited for his McDonalds birthday party tomorrow. 

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