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This week went by fast. But it was a great week. Last week between coming home from out DAN! visit in Saskatchewan and Wesley’s birthday, Wesley was out of sort. But this week he has been doing amazing.
Or DAN! visit was very successful. She was very impressed how healthy Wesley looked. His lymph nodes were a little swollen. She lowered some medication, increased one for a short time to help the lymph nodes and he had a tiny eye infection. We had to start giving him some eye drops which was like pulling teeth, but his eyes healed up nicely. She also gave us a new ointment for his eczema that has helped so much! All and all we are working on weaning him off some products, we started him on some vitamins which he is now healthy enough to digest and absorb.
ABA wanted Wesley to attend Day Camp this summer, however we just can’t afford it. At $200 a week, I can’t justify one week of camp equaling half the cost of a year worth of Suzuki Violin. But there is a lady in our church willing to teach a group of kids violin this summer for the cost of the photocopies. It was a slight battle to get ABA to agree to take Wesley, however in the end they agreed. I also have a meeting this week to try and convince the ABA school age director that Homeschooling and ABA is a good idea. Please pray they agree so we can receive the funding we need.
Locally one of our city parks just opened up a Nature Playground:

An exciting addition to Assiniboine Park is the new Nature Playground, opened in May of 2011.

From your first steps down the tree-lined path toward the Nature Playground, you will be transported into a world of wonder that encourages children of all ages to run, jump, climb, explore, and play!
Exercise your body and your imagination while you explore the sand and water play area, slithering slides, a sky-high crow’s nest, willow tree tunnels, basket swings, a giant robin’s nest, net bridges, and topiaries. These unique features are inspired by and incorporated into the area’s natural surroundings, which include two acres of trees, gardens, gently rolling hills, and colourful rubber mountains.
Another highlight is the Children’s Garden inspired by the classic childhood board game of Snakes and Ladders. Natural materials have been used wherever possible, from a larger-than-life robin’s nest constructed of reclaimed, naturally-felled oak to a troupe of topiary frog musicians and a living checker-board guarded by a fearsome or friendly-looking wooden serpent (depending on how you feel about snakes).
The new space is designed as a year-round destination, as the land is naturally transformed by the uniquely Manitoban elements each season brings. Showcasing everything from endless spring tulips to wintery snow-covered hills, the Nature Playground will be a space for families to enjoy throughout the year.

So anyhow we have been going there a few times a week. We start with a walk through the English Gardens(not only because its beautiful, but also because it’s close to a nice shady place to park) then we run around with the kids at the park. Yesterday we caught a tadpole to put in our fish tank. Sadly he was in the tank for literally 2 seconds and one of or fish ate him as a snack. I guess we won’t be watching him turn into a frog.

In other exciting news! The TOS Crew is set to sail at the end of the month. This is my first year aboard and I’m so excited to get started! I’m hoping I can share as much information about different homeschooling products with my readers!
Well I hope everyone has an amazing Father’s Day!!

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