I should be writing about our wonderful visit with our Defeat Autism Now! Doctor. However that will have to wait as I am struggling right now with getting my son the funding he deserves. Basically our preschool ABA services are coming to an end in January. We have very blessed that our government has agreed to pay for this and support my son through this program for 3 years. I know this is more then most people out side of Manitoba get. However, if my son were to go off to public or private school after this he would automatically receive 3 addition years of level 3 funding and 2 additional hours a day after school of ABA sessions in our home. Basically I told them would have full intentions of homeschooling, so he will not be in school, however I would like him to receive his 2 hours a day for after school ABA therapy. Well no one has apparently tried this before. Of course the first answer is no. But I know they make exceptions all the time so it is my job as a parent to investigate the matter more. I’m actually saving the government thousands of dollars by homeschooling him, and to me it would make sense for them to allow this to happen. However as usual legalistic get in the way.
So after being on the phone with my social worker, she seems to have hit a brick wall with her superiors, so now I contacted MFEAT “Manitoba Families for Effective Autism Treatment”, sometimes these people can write a few letters and get things moving.
I guess I never realized how much you have to fight for your rights as a homeschooling parent. It seems I’m in a position now that I may have to send my child to school in order to get therapy. Its frustrating to have everyone force putting him in school down my throat. Even though I know he is doing amazing at home.
So I have a lot of thinking to do.

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