Homeschooling and Physically Superb Program

I figured I would write a little update about how things are going with Wesley.
– In the end we decided that we are going to do Wesley’s school age ABA treatment in the school system. This was a very very hard decision for me. But in order to do the School Age ABA in our home I would have to take one day off from my daycare a week, every week. This would not work for any of my families and I would land up losing my job. While I know I could get in the 36 hours of therapy/schooling a week, I can not comply with the one day a week of overlapping that would require me to close my daycare that day. So my options were to homeschool him anyhow and give up ABA, or send him to school so he can received ABA and Speech Therapy. So my hubby and I decided that we would homeschool him till late winter/early spring and slowly start transitioning him to school. As his Preschool ABA services expire. He will still require 10 hours a week of home ABA with they provide a tutor and then an additional 5-10 hours provided by me. So I will will still be after schooling him. I know a lot of homeschoolers get insulted by the term afterschooling, but I think this is what our family is going to be doing. It is so hard for me to let go, but I decided if it doesn’t work I can always pull him out and start homeschooling again. Plus he wants to go, so who am I to stop him from trying.
– Wesley is nearly half way done Hooked On Phonics Grade One. I’m hoping to start him on HOP Grade 2 in the fall.
-He has also started the Complete Canadian Curriculum for Grade 1 workbook. My goal is for him to be done this by the time he starts his transition into grade 1.
-We also finished the 3rd set of I See Sam readers and are about to start set 4.
-Math is going well, Wesley has memorized addition from 0+0 to 12+12 as well as subtraction from 0-0 to 11-11. We are still using TouchMath.  
– I also have him working a few times a week on While he is well past the reading and math exercises on the Kindergarten Level 5, the science and social studies topics are so good for him to work on.
– He’s about to start Lesson 62 on Headspout.
– We have really been picking up the pace when it comes to Glenn Doman’s Physically Superb program. We are trying to walk and run everyday, and Wesley has been working on creeping 5-6 days a week. I bought some large 2×2 mats at Walmart a few weeks ago and we set them up in our living room and he does back and forth 8 mats. This allows me to calculate how far he has gone each day. Yesterday we were up to 240 yards. I also photocopied a set of the blue prints to make a Bracciation ladder for my dad to price out for me. I thought for sure it would cost well over $150 but he figures he can make it for $50 worst case senerio, maybe less if we can find the lumber for cheaper in the states when we go in a few weeks. So I plan on arranging our unfinished basement into a area where we can focus on his physical program this winter. I have been getting him to brachiate at the park, and he is getting his confidences, but come the time when the cold comes, we won’t be able to use those metal monkey bars comfortably. I’d like to make it younger kid friendly too so I can make a play area in the basement so the daycare children can us there large motor skills and run in the winter as well.

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