Hot Hot HOT!!!!

Winnipeg is so one extreme to another when it comes to weather. Yesterday with the humidex it was 48C(118F). Our little a/c is having a real hard time keeping up. In the winter we get as cold as -45C with the windchill(-49F). That’s why I love spring and fall the best. No extreme temperatures.
But I thought I would update about one of my little daycare boys. He just turned 2 in May and suddenly has an interested in words. Its so exciting for me to watch and his mother is just amazed how much he is learning. Over the last week he has mastered 10 words. I’m sure he knows more but just hasn’t shown me he knows them.
So my little program for him is

  • Your Baby Can Read Start DVD twice a day
  • Little Reader 1-2 a day
  • Your Baby Can Discover once a day
  • Flash cards 2-4 times a day

I would like to print these Leap Frog Letter Factory flash cards out in my free time. I think they would help him learn his letter sounds too.
Wesley is doing amazing! But its been so hot we’ve been taking it easy on schooling. Plus his ABA tutors are on shut down for the next two weeks and only working periodically so I though we would slow it down for a bit. Plus since it has been so hot and humid, neither of us feel up to it.
Friday we are taking a trip to the states in my parents motor home. Wesley is so excited, he’s been walking around with his toy motor home asking if we are going today.
I’m so excited! TOS Review Crew has set sail and I have been selected for my first review on the crew. So look out for it in September!

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