MonkiSee Action Words Review!

MonkiSee Action Words DVD

Well MonkiSee (Formally known as MonkiSee MonkiDo) has released a new DVD called MonkiSee Action Words. The creator of this series Krista was wonderful enough to let us review another one of her great products!
You can find my past reviews of the first 3 MonkiSee DVD’s HERE and also a review on another one of Krista’s products called MemoFlix HERE.
MonkiSee Action Words is a fun-filled DVD that is designed teach your child (ages 3months-4years old) to read using a multi-sensory approach.

“MonkiSee Action Words is an interactive, high energy DVD that teaches babies and young children how to read 30 action words as they move along.  Action Words features the lovable monkeys, Howie and Skip, and the original “We Run” song.  Children will get up and move their bodies with the monkeys as they perform each action while they sing.

Dialogue and relevant narration, including poetry, stimulate early language development in babies and young children.  Learning to read has never been this much fun.

MonkiSee is a unique video series designed to teach babies as young as 3 months old how to read. Your child will be introduced to Howie and Skip, brother Howler monkeys from the jungles of Belize. Throughout this playful series, Howie is teaching his baby brother, Skip, how to read.” 

This time around there was a new audience in my home. My son has used MonkiSee in the past to learn how to read, but now that he just turned six, he’s reading level has moved above this series. Even with that being said, he still enjoyed watching it with the rest of us and a little review never hurts. But the little people in my home that really love were my daycare children ranging between 18months and 3 years old. I have one little guy that gets dropped off every morning and his mom tells me all he can talk about in the morning is “MonkiSee MonkiDo”. She didn’t know what he was asking for till I explained to her what he was talking about.
To me and my daycare parents, early education is so important. And the entire MonkiSee collection has helped me teach my son and daycare children important things in a fun factual way. I know for a fact MonkiSee Shapes and MonkiSee Colors help teach my 2 year old daycare child his colors and shapes. And its funny he focused on Shapes for the longest time, always requesting that DVD. Then when I started really teaching him his colors in the environment, he started to requested colors. Now he rotates his requests depending on his mood.
All of our MonkiSee and Memoflix DVDs are treated carefully as treasures, because I plan to continue using them as part of my daycare curriculum. Also I have fun intentions of using them starting at 3months with any future babies I have.
I would recommend anyone with children 3months-5 years old look at getting the Baby Reading Kit 5.  Now while I cannot speak to the quality of the books or flashcards as I don’t own them. The set itself includes all the DVDs we use and love. The books and flashcards I could see being a big time saver for parents, instead of having to create them on your own.
Thank-you to Krista and the whole crew at MonkiSee who made these DVDs possible and allowed us to review them. I was provided a copy of this DVD in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not required to write a positive review, nor was a paid.

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  1. What a nice review, Waterdreamer. I am glad to hear it is a hit in your house. We should have another new video finished soon, so we will keep you busy with more reviews. 🙂 Best to you and your daycare babies.

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