Starting a New Language!

Well Guys! I’m excited to say that Wesley and I are learn Italian, all thanks to our friends at Wink To Learn.This is one of their NEW Speak & Read programs! Watch in the next couple of months for our reviews on 3 of Wink to Learns great program, Speak & Read French, Spanish, and Italian!!
I mentioned a few entries ago that Wesley and I were now using sticker charts to help us stay on track when it comes to our video lessons. I snapped a few photos to show you what I mean. I made them on plain white paper, with a ruler, pencil and colored markers. I’m sure if you were more computer savvy, you could whip something up in half the time on the computer. But this works for us!
Here’s is our Tweedlewink chart. (Sorry the lighting is awful in this corner)

And our new Wink To Learn Speak & Read Italian sticker chart!

Simple but very effective! Wesley loves running to his room after his lessons to put his stickers on his chart. This way he wants to do even more lessons in a day to earn more stickers. But I follow the cardinal rule. Always stop before they want to stop. This is also the only time he is allowed to watch TV in my room, which also makes it special.
Now Wesley is very excited to learn Spanish(Thanks to Dora the Explorer’s influence when he was young, but don’t let him know I told you that because apparently he is too old for that now LOL). Now the question is should I be exposing him to Mexican Spanish or Continental Spanish??? Is there a big difference and if so what? While we’re in San Jose, I fully intend to use Local Masters to get him to grips with the language. Being able to give him spanish lessons san jose will help greatly since it’s local to us.

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