Weekend Update

I just can’t get over the weather extremes in Winnipeg, during the winter we are subzero weather, however during the summer months it can get sooooo hot! However I should not complain, we could be getting extreme floods, or tornadoes, so in reality we are blessed.
Life has been super busy, I guess summer always is. Our school schedule apparently takes long weekends, but I figure since we homeschool through the month and Wesley is already doing tons of Grade one work, we can relax a little. Once the winter months kick in and we’re in hibernation mode we will get lots done. May as well enjoy the short summer.
I can’t believe its been so long since I updated. I feel like I’m always on here writing, but I’m working on reviews for the TOS crew, but I can’t post them just yet, so I guess that’s why its been so long.
Friday Wes and I spent the day in my hometown visiting my parents for their 29 wedding anniversary. It was so nice to spend time with my parents. My mom made me my childhood favorite for dinner, shepards pie!
Saturday I took the kids to Hubby’s aunt’s house to go swimming in her pool. Hubby had to work 🙁 But the kids had a blast, they both had lifejackets so they were able to swim around pretty independently. Obviously someone was watching at all times, but they didn’t need to be glue to you the whole time. Wesley was a bit concerned he was going to drown because the life jacket prevented him from touching the bottom in the shallow end, but as soon as he discovered he could putt around if he kicked his feet, he was like a little fish.
After we picked up Hubby and went to KP park where they have a “GingerBread” house like from the fairy tale Hansel and Gretal. The kids had us running around with some fun imaginative play. But then since it was getting dark some raccoons started to surround us, so we high tailed it out.
Sunday Wesley was with his dad, so I got my groceries and hubby BBQd this super yummy pork tenderloin roast. There was so much food, we had leftovers for today 🙂 I just had to make fresh mash dill potatoes.
Today was a pretty good daycare day. My older kid was only here for 4 hours and the rest were all picked up earlier then usual! So that meant I could put away all my laundry and finish the dishes in a timely manner. I always run laundry during the day, since my daycare is more like a day-home, we do activities and such, but I run my home too. I love my job. Before I would have to work all day and come home make supper and do all my chores. Now I work at home, slowly get supper ready during the day, and pick at my house work, so come the evening, there is not too much to do and I can relax.

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