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Well I’m super excited to say I got my first TOS Crew item to review! I just need to get some ink and I’m going to print out some of the activities and try it out with my son. As soon as I’m able to I’ll share it with you guys!
I got back into the homeschooling routine with Wesley. Even though he will be transitioning to school in January and he is ahead of the game in Math and Reading, I feel its so important to keep homeschooling and keep his mind fresh!
Complete Canadian Curriculum: Grade 1We started using the Complete Canadian Curriculum: Grade 1 program. Some of it is super easy for Wesley, other parts are challenging. But I thought I would so beneficial to expose him to topics he might encounter now, even if he doesn’t understand then because maybe the second time he sees them it might come easier to him. His tutors who are using this as filler with his ABA therapy are saying he seems to be “getting it” a little more every day.
Right Brain Education: Changing the World, One Heart at at Time (Volume 1)I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it in the past but I had taken the Tweedlewinks Over View course a while back. Well I sat down and read the book Right Brain Education: Changing the World, One Heart at at Time (Volume 1). Well I think this is so good for any parent to read, but even more so parents of children with autism, adhd or even just an active little kid. Pamela helps left brain parents understand why your right brained child does what they do, and how to handle it, and use it to education them. It was just so amazing and I find changing techniques with my son and daycare children has made life at home so much smoother.
I own all the Tweedlewink DVD’s however I’ve never been able to stay on track when it comes to showing them to my son. Well I decided to make a sticker chart with 48 spots. We watch a lesson a day and when we are done we run up and put a sticker on the lesson chart. We also watch our lessons upstairs in my room and cuddle in my bed. After reading how children with special needs or speech delays are more right brain dominate, I realized that I have this right brain window open a bit longer then other parents do, so I am completely committed to completing at least one cycle of the Tweedlewink lessons, and I also want to run a cycle of the Tweedlewinks Language DVD.
Suzuki Violin School: Violin Part, Vol. 1Our new music teacher is amazing! I can’t wait to start lessons in the fall! Our group lesson were less successful because I believe the teacher was running them through music too fast. Basically 2 new songs a week. I believe in the slower, child led lessons. Where you work on a song until the child masters it in their own time. So we stopped group lesson and we try and practice the pieces that our new teacher gave us. Wesley is comfortable with Hot Cross Buns and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, so now we are working on a piece called Boiling Down the Cabbage. I’m so lucky that we got his violin for so cheap on ebay and that it was amazing quality! I was told that little violins(Wesley has a 1/8) don’t hold their tone very well. Well Wesley’s $68 violin(including shipping) holds its tone so well and plays very nicely.
Wesley and I are currently beta testing BrillKids Little Musician. OMGoodness! I can’t want for the full version to come out. Wesley has been using the program for a few days and two nights ago we were cuddling before bed listening to his Suzuki vol1 cd. When Twinkle Twinkle came on I sang to him the note and finger placement. A A E E E1 E1 E. And he turn to me and said my turn and started singing the whole song in Solfege. Then he sang me Baa Baa Black sheep in Solfege.
I’m so excited to see what the whole curriculum can do if he has learned this in a few short days. Not to mention he’s already 6. Can you image how effect it would be for a child from 0-3.

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  1. Great idea on the TW sticker chart! I have always had a hard time keeping track of and being consistent with the lessons. Wonder why I never thought of that before… Thanks!

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