Academic Success for All Learners Review Part #2

Back in January, Wesley and I had the chance to review Sets 1-4 of  Little Books by Academic Success for All Learners. You can read that review HERE. Well, we have been so blessed to team up with them once more to review the rest of their Little Books, Sets 5-8.
To give you a bit more background history, Wesley and I have made these books part of our regular reading routine.

Set 1
Set 2

With Set 1(Designed for K-1.0) and Set 2 (Designed for 1.0-1.3) we flew through, reading 1-3 books a night. Reviewing the ones that had words he struggled with. But eventually they flowed so nicely together, and Wesley was reading them independently the first try. I thought that these levels may have been too easy for him at first, but now I realize that they did fill in gaps in his reading and help him with his fluency.

Set 3

With Set 3 (Designed for 1.3-1.6) there were a lot more words on the pages, but Wesley was still able to read them with great fluency. However we did slow down to 1 book a night, or even every night because they challenged attention span because they were much longer then any other book he had read before. Now this is were we slowed down, but it was totally worth it. We tried to move on to the next set, but Wesley resisted and asked we continue with the yellow books. While I knew he was ready to move on, I also knew the font would shrink again in the next set, and there word be more words per page. But there is so much more to me then for Wesley to be able to read the book at that level. He needed to have the confidences and motivation to move forward and be happy. So we worked on Set 3 again for a few months, to build his confidence and attention span.

Set 4

Finally I felt it was time we try Set 4(Deigned for 1.6 – 2.0) These books are split into 2 stories, so while there are a lot more words per page, we could work on half a book a day. We would read one story in a Green book(Set 4) then read an entire Yellow Book(Set 3) as a reward. This worked well. And we eventually faded out the yellow books. One thing that I did do to help was get an index card to help guide Wesley from line to line because he seem to get lost. This helped keep his place and read a lot faster too!
This past summer a friend of mine who was a kindergarten and grade 2 teacher before having her son came over. She wanted to see what Set 1 looked like to see if it was a fit for her son who is 3. While I had that Set out I pulled out the book Wesley had read to me the night before in Set 4. She seemed impress that someone who had just finished Kindergarten could read at that level.

Set 5

Set 6

Now to Set 5(designed for 2.0 – 2.3), and Set 6(Designed for 2.3 – 2.6) are our next goal. Because of the way Wesley panicked when moved him from Set 3 to 4, I decided to start slowly introducing these books while we are finishing up the last few Set 4 books. I have been reading them to him and having him help me read a few lines here and there. I’m hoping this will help him build the confidence needed to carry on reading fluently. Even though I know he could read them on his own if he just tried. But I have decided to respect him and work slowly, because a) its not a race and b) he loves the Little Books and I want him to continue loving them.

Set 7

Set 8

Then last, but not lest, we have Set 7(Designed for 2.6 – 3.0) and Set 8(Designed for 3.0 – 3.6). These books have a lot more words per page and resemble short chapter books. They look fantastic! But as you can image my 6 year old might not be ready for these one for a little while. Not because of the difficulty, but because of the font size. They are designed for students mid grade 2 to mid grade 3, so I’m not worried. Overall they look fantastic and are of great quality. I can’t wait to update you guys on how they are working for us when the time comes.
So what do we think?
I can’t say enough about this series! I tell anyone that will listen about them. I love that at the end of every few books there is an assessment to see if your child is ready to move on to the next book. You will also find that at the end of each book there is a list of sounds and words for your child to practice before reading the story. We tend to skip over those, but NEVER miss the little assessment at the end of the book.
While I don’t believe ONE sole product is the way to teach reading to children. I prefer using a few different products to mix it up. However these Little Books have been one of our corner stones in our reading program. And when we complete a Set, they get carefully placed into large ziplock bags and placed into storage, so I can use them again with our next little one.For $30 a set I believe they are worth every penny!
Thank-you Academic Success for All Learners for allowing us to review your great products again!
Disclaimer: I received Sets 5-8 in return for my honest opinion. I was not paid or required to write a positive review.

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