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BrillKids Little Reader. I can’t seem to say enough about this program! Would you like to give your child the gift to learn how to read at a young age, in a fun easy way? If so read on.
The wonderful Glenn Doman realized years and years ago that babies and young children have the ability to learn how to read at the same time they learn their native language. They are able to absorb information at an astonishing rate. Parents are to create large flashcards and present many sets a day to their child. However no matter how effective this method is, the process in making the flashcards are costly and time consuming. I know I tried to run a program like this, but as a single mom who worked fun time, it was just too time consuming.
However the fine people at BrillKids have created a solution to this problem, it is called Little Reader.

With Little Reader you can create your own flash card categories, customize your playback settings, create and edit sound files, or organize your child’s learning library, you can even print your flash cards for lessons on-the-go if you prefer. The options are endless.
Little Reader already comes with a built-in curriculum (your choice of 6-months or 12-months)This eliminates the problem I faced when my son was younger and I tried to start the program. I was so overwhelmed cutting poster board and writing out the first 200 words recommended, I was not able to find enough time in the day to prepare my materials so I could share them with my son. Little Reader has the curriculum complete right at the tip of your mouse. PLUS there are many presentations available to download that other BrillKids forum members have created.  There are other additional curriculums coming available that you can purchase to enhance your child’s education, for example Little Reader’s Chinese content.
I started Little Reader with my son when he was 4 years old. And “old man” in the world of early education, however even though he was on the older end, the program worked amazing for him! He was learning words left, right and centre. Now 2 years later, he is reading WELL above grade level. And I found learning to read using Little Reader helped his speech. He has always been behind when it comes to being able to communicate by speaking. But the stronger his reading skills get, the better he is able to express himself using his words.
I have also used this program on and off with my daycare children and they just love it. My 2 year old old absorbs so much and is blowing his parents away when he shows off that he can read.
I know I have plans on using it with our next little one as soon as he or she turns 3 months old.
Would you like to win Little Reader Basic Semester 1 for your child?
Complete one or as many of the following as you would like. Each on equals one entry. Leave a separate note for each.
1) Sign up for BrillKids using this link HERE.
2) Download a free trial using the associate/referral code BKAFF21929
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Contest closes Oct 24th/11.
I received one free copy of Little Reader Basic Semester one to giveaway in exchange for my honest opinion.

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