WINKtoLEARN Speak & Read Italian Review

Well Wesley and I have had the honor to work once again with the WINKtoLEARN company! Their programs have been such a blessing to us and will be used with our newest addition to our family next year.
In the past we have reviewed a few of WINKtoLEARN‘s other wonderful products like:

Over the last year or two I have loved watching this company grow! When I first heard about WINKtoLEARN, they offered materials in Chinese, and English. All I could think was “Wow this is amazing! I wish they offered it in French.” Well, a year and a bit later they now offer their programs in 11 different languages!! Also according to the WINKtoLEARN website they plan on adding 6 more languages in the near future including a few Middle Eastern languages.
The first of three reviews I will be writing is on Speak & Read Italian. I was excited to hear that WINKtoLEARN had come out with this program because my next baby will part Italian, and I would love to expose him or her to this beautiful language. 
When you purchase this product you will receive a box, and inside you will find your DVD case with 4 DVD and a beautifully printed “Parent’s Guide”. This is very handy for parents because it breaks down the basic rules for using this digitally based flashcard program. It also includes a detailed parents’ usage guide based on age. One thing that was in the older versions of the Parents’ Guide and not in the newer one for Italian was a content list which would show which words were in each lesson, and what they meant in English. This was handy if you wanted to create some basic physical flashcard for your child. But even with that being said I am still very satisfied with this package.

This 4-DVDs program aims to help your child to recognize more than 500 words and also to enable your child to form proper Italian phrases and sentences using proven flashcard-techniques.WINKtoLEARN programs are inspired by proven teaching methods pioneered by Dr. Glenn Doman (USA) & Dr. Makato Shichida (Japan).
Once again WINKtoLEARN has done it again. Every evening Wesley and I cuddle on the couch before supper and watch our lessons for the day according to the usage guide outline for his age group. He loves his cuddle time with mom and while he hasn’t started speaking to me in Italian, I know that we are working that part of his brain. I’m REALLY excited to try this program with his new baby brother or sister at a much younger age to see how much s/he picks up.
A few things I have mentioned in past reviews, but are worth mentioning again:

  • FREE SHIPPING for all online orders
  • FREE VIDEO PREVIEWS for all DVD programs (found in our “Online Store”)
  • DVD OF YOUR CHOICE if you email and they do not reply your email within 24 HOURS

Also WINKtoLEARN has won this award in Aug 2011! And until October 31st,2011 if you enter this code CELEBRATE  you can enjoy a 10% DISCOUNT (minimum purchase SG$80 or US$65!)
Thank-you WINKtoLEARN for allowing me to review another one of your wonderful products!!
Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of this product in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not in any other way paid for this review, nor was I required to write a positive review.

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