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Well now that the cat is out of the bag with my family and friends, it’s time to announce my big news here to my wonderful readers. Wesley is expecting a baby brother or sister in May 2012. I’m 3 months and a bit pregnant, going into my 13th week of pregnancy later this week. Its very exciting for me, my children will just shy of 7 years apart. So its been so long since my last pregnancy that this is all new again for me.
One thing that shocked me is the fact I actually had morning sickness this time around. for about 4-5 weeks I was barely able to eat anything. So for my first 12 weeks I actually didn’t gain a pound. This is also foreign to me because I gained a total of 80lbs with Wesley. I’m sure that now that I can eat again I will start gaining, but it is my goal to keep it a healthy amount.
Life has been so busy I am trying to get my car paid off before the baby comes, which means budgeting and working a little harder. But it will be all worth it. I may only be paying 0.9% interest, but the outstanding loan is a liability, and if I wrote it off in an accident, the insurance money would cover the loan and not the purchase of a new car, and I would be left with nothing. But if I pay it off, it belongs to me, and if anything happens I would have the insurance money to replace it.
I haven’t fully decided what I am going to do with my daycare. I have to wait till tax time to see if I qualify for enough maternity leave pay to survive. So I’m holding off my announcement to my daycare families till I can answer these questions.
I have an ultrasound at a ultrasound clinic on Dec 19th to find out the gender of our baby. Wesley wants a baby brother so bad, that if we are having a girl, I really want to know so I can prepare him. The last thing I would want is for him to be disappointed when his sibling is born.
I’m looking for as much information about Glenn Doman’s How Smart Is Your Baby?  as possible.
I know DomanMom’s Blog and Doman Inspired Parenting’s Blog are full of great information. So I’m going to have to read through those and use their programs as ideas for my own. Of course I will be using BrillKids Little Reader.
If you have any information about this programs I’d love to hear about it 🙂

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