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A couple of months ago I wrote a review about a BrillKids product called Little Reader. Which is a revolutionary computer software that helps you as a parent teach your baby or young child to read. If you missed it, be sure to check sit out HERE.

This past month Wesley, my daycare children and I have been testing out another new product by BrillKids – The Chinese Content for Little Reader.

The Little Reader Chinese Curriculum will help you teach your young child to recognize thousands of Simplified or Traditional Chinese characters, understand their meanings, and to learn to speak Mandarin.

Fully customizable lessons progress from single characters all the way up to complete stories. Using Little Reader’s Pattern Phonics™ system, the Chinese Curriculum will also familiarize your child with the pinyin system (Mandarin phonetics), setting the foundations for further learning of Mandarin in the future.

  • A ready-made Chinese Reading Curriculum – 12 months’ worth of lessons
  • 2 Weekly Lesson Planners in Chinese, one for each semester
  • 3,000 BrillKids Loyalty Points 
  • Your purchased content and license key will be stored in your account, which you may access and download immediately after purchase.

BrillKids has made it so not only can you teach your baby to read in English, you can help your child to learn a second language, even if you don’t know it yourself. The lessons are nice and short, so you are able to run both Little Reader and Little Reader Chinese.

Even though Chinese is not the language our family is focusing on right now, we are still including Little Reader Chinese as part of our lessons because studies have should that:

One study found students scored significantly higher in math and language arts after one semester of foreign language study 90 minutes per week. (Armstrong 1997)
Since each session requires only 5-10 minutes, at 2 sessions a day, five days a week means your spending 50-100 minutes a week on foreign language.

Invigorate the Brain: Adults benefit from the brain stimulation produced by language training. Seniors who tackle a foreign language show improved brain function over a period of time. Students who learn foreign languages as children score better on academic tests. There is also evidence to suggest that they may be more creative and resourceful when faced with solving complex tasks.(

I also read this list on the website

Benefits For Raising Trilingual Children
1. Growing up with multiple languages is the most efficient and effective way to learn a foreign language.
Research have shown that the best language learning period is between 0 and 3 years of age, since nature has granted us with a optimal brain building specially in the production of language. This amazing ability decreases by the age of 6-7, when children as adults have to put more efforts in what they learn on language.
Nature helped us to assimilate languages very quickly and very early, in order of survival needs. Studies have shown that languages in bilingual infants are stored closer together in the brain than in later bilinguals, meaning that learning later takes greater effort and is treated differently by the brain compared to children acquiring them simultaneously.
2. Children raised in a trilingual or multilingual environment have greater facility in acquiring foreign language fluency at a later time.
3. If your child wants to learn more languages later in life, she could master the languages faster. This is especially true when acquiring similar languages.
4. Many studies around the world have also proved that being trilingual or multilingual helps children to develop better reading and writing skills.

So overall Little Reader Chinese is allowing my son and daycare children to learn a second language in a fun way. Its also of little effort to me, since BrillKids has already created the curriculum for me. I click a button and my children and I can start to learn. This saves me countless hours preparing materials, translating, etc. Instead of spending hours preparing materials when my son is in bed, I can spend that time resting and recharging my batteries, so my kids get a refreshed me in the morning.

The person I’m the most excited to start this program with isn’t even here yet. But when my little one arrives in May and he or she is 3 months I plan on starting this program with him/her.

Don’t take my word for it. Head over to and sign up for a FREE 2 week trial!

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