Planning for a Doman Baby

Well as most of my readers know, we’re expecting! I know I haven’t been great at updating, between being pregnant, so change overs in my home daycare, transitioning Wesley to school(trial bases, because he has requested it) life has kept me away from here. 
Well now that I’m in my 17th week, nearing the half way point I decided I need to get cracking and start planning. 

A few years ago when I was looking for some EK card to use for my son, I bought this lot of Doman books and it included How Smart Is Your Baby? I flipped through it, but seeing as my son was 4 years old, he was a bit too old for most of the book. So I put it on the shelf. But now that I’m expecting I can see how this will be helpful.

A while back Elizabeth from Doman Mom shared these great forms she had created for her little man based on the How Smart Is Your Baby? book. I downloaded them and saved them for later use. I think anyone that wants to run a Doman program with their newborn should head over then and check them out. They are so well organized and I believe they save me hours of work and planning.

As for infant stimulation cards, I’m looking at getting cards from This is something I never did with Wesley and would love to take advantage of those first few months.

After the holidays, I’m hoping to go to Michael’s craft store and buy some white, black and red 12×12 card stock and create my own homemade infant stimulation cards using my Cricut Machine.

I’m also hoping to start doing pre-natal learning in the womb too. I’m hoping to use the Sound Beginning belt to play classical music, foreign languages, etc. To help stimulate my unborn child’s brain.

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