Random Update//Homeschooling Supplies for sale

Well I feel empty, my computer is dead. Well not really dead but the a/c jack pushed in and now I need to go buy a part so we can try to repair it. Ideally Id like to take it to a shop but we have been quoted $80 for something that requires a $3 part. We found a tutorial and it looks super simple. But the only store that sells this part is not open evenings so I have to run there tomorrow morning.

Wesley and I started reading The Trumpet of the Swan. Since he started reading little Headsprout chapter books, I decided it was time to start reading him out loud more complicated books. He sat so well for the 2 chapters. I’m not sure how much he was listening as its hard for him to answer questions, but I figured he was absorbing some of it. After the two chapters I put the book away and then asked him what he wanted to do.  He asked to relax and watch tv. So I asked him if he’d rather listen to me read him a Toy Story book and he agreed. A few pages in I paused to talk to him about what happened and he was out cold. I guess all the reading was calming to him. 

This morning was his last ABA preschool session. It was so sad to see his tutors go. He’s starting a few half days at school. His visits to school have been good. The kids have been warm and inviting. He looks forward to going, but the work is less then challenging. I know their are some areas he is struggling with like word problems, and I know it will be good for him to work in a group, but I wish I could just keep him at home. But he would lose all his therapies. Its a 6month trial in my option, and mostly because HE has requested to go to school. It’s just the level of academics is not to my standards. 

Thing is since deciding to allow him to go to school, I’ve snuffed off on his school work. I guess I was sort of depressed about it. But now we are getting back on track. I realize now I’m going to have to stay on top of his education whether or not he is homeschooled if I want him to continue to get a stellar education. I’m hoping his teacher will see his strengths and keep him challenges. I also hope they can help him in some of his weakness where I haven’t been able to. 

I can’t wait to see the baby on Monday. I can’t believe I’m in my 18th week of pregnancy. It’s just flying by! The baby is extremely active and I’m not only feeling it move, but solid kicks too. 

Still struggling to fill some of those extra daycare spots. I have one part time kiddo starting in January. I still have all my regular spots filled, I just wanted to fill an extra spot to make a bit of extra money. Hopefully when the child that left comes back at the end of January they will want their spot back. I basically decided to stop interview for new kids because it’s nearly impossible to hide my pregnant tummy. 

I realized that I’m hoarding homeschooling stuff. For the longest time every time I heard about a good product I’d buy it. Well no matter how good the product is if you have too many you cant use them all. So I decided to go through everything. I decided what to keep and what to let get used by someone else. If your interested in checking it out, I listed the items I have on the BrillKids forum. I’m hoping that I can perhaps using the money I make to buy things for the baby. Maybe cloth diapers. 

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