2012… Already???

Well this is my first entry of 2012. WOW! I can’t believe its here. 2012 will hold lots of great things for my family.
– My new baby boy will be joining our family
– My son is turning 7 years old
One thing I am worried about this year is the fact my son will be starting grade one in public school. Its a 6 month trial. The school has from January to June to make me feel comfortable with the thought. It works great right now because I need the time to focus on my business, go full force save as much cash, pay off my car, so I can enjoy my year maternity leave. This year will be the year I give my boys 100% of ME.
– My Fiance will get to experience a full time mother and wife
– My Baby Z will get an awesome one year Glenn Doman program. Of course longer, but right one one year is my MAIN focus.
– My Wesley will either get his education supplemented at home or a wonderful homeschool program.
Some people are wondering, what about me? This is me. I know it sounds crazy, but I have always felt that my calling was to be a mom. Sure I went to college, and all that jazz. But my calling is my children.
Right now I’m in the process:
– of going through all my early reader. Getting Wesley to reread them. Making sure that they are indeed easy, creating an excel sheet with all the books titles and bagging them. For now I plan on lending them to a friend to use with her little man, and by the time she’s done with them I’ll need them again for Baby Z
– Transporting all the diaper boxes filled with baby clothes from my parents. As soon as I have them all I will be spending a day sorting and documenting what I have, and what I need. Then re-boxing, labellings and storing them until needed.
– Spending a lot more time reading with Wesley. I really want to fill up his reading chart this month.
– This morning I started a 31 day fast food restaurant fast. With the holidays and all the running around, we have turned to fast food too many times. Last night was the last time for a while. Not only is it not helping me have a healthy pregnancy, it is draining our pocket books.
Things I would like to start asap:
– Green smoothie fast. Well maybe not a fast, but I would like to drink one green smoothie every morning for ATLEAST one month. When I do I know I feel fantastic.
– Get my basement in order. Ideally I’d like to go to Carpet Barn and purchase a big piece or two of carpet that someone has ordered but no longer wants. I just need something cheap to put on my basement floor, so I can move the boy’s train table and a bunch of toys cluttering Wesley’s room down there and make an area where they can play.

Side note, I bought Baby Z a take home outfit yesterday. It was too cute to leave.

Anyhow, since Wesley’s at his fathers house all night I can sit here and plan or I can start doing. So here I go to take on my house. I’m hoping to start updating more often.

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