Dunstan Baby Language

A friend sent me a link to an old Oprah episode, and after watching it I realized I needed to share this with all my readers.
Now while I can’t testify to it right for another 19week when Baby Z makes his grand appearance, I’m excited to see if its true.

After watching this video I will certainly be researching more into this technique. I just think it would be wonderful for your baby to be able to tell you exactly what they want right from birth. I think it would help parents get through the baby stage with less stress.
I’ll keep you guys posted about this when the time comes.

1 thought on “Dunstan Baby Language

  1. Hi I am a US afterschooler from Germany, currently living in Saudi Arabia. This really worked for me! I was sooo happy that I could tell what my daughter wanted from day 1 and she kept two of the sounds (for sleep and I taught her to say nay nays to mean nursing for the hungry sound) well until she was two. To this day, she is 4 years old and when she cries with an AHHHH, I know that she is sleepy.

    I love your blog! It is exactly what I am doing. My daughter is in the German KG here and I do not like the socialization aspect at all. It seems that only the toughest survive according to her teachers. I like the creative play aspect of it however. I do reading and science at home with her. I may even start the Shichida program although we are currently doing Right Start level B. Well, gotta get washing clothes now! Take care, Frechesmaedl

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