My homemade flashcards

Well a friend of mine from BrillKids decided that we need to make a list of stuff we want to accomplish by a certain date, then meet on Skype every Sunday night to report what we have finished. I’m finding this accountability SO motivating!!!
Since Sunday I have managed to:
– email someone regarding a review
– email someone about making a Doman spec neck collar for my baby
– make 18 infant stimulation cards
– Read “How Smart is Your Baby?” by Glenn Doman from cover to cover
– Start Reading  “How to Multiply You Baby’s Intelligence”

I used my Cricut Machine to create these Infant Stimulation Flashcards:

These are just some basic black and white shape cards. I have cartridges that can cut out some more sophisticated shapes.

These are the next step of the infant stimulation flashcards. The require some color, so I used red since it is very attractive to the eyes.

Here are the white dots on a black background that they recommend in “How Smart is Your Baby? ” I do have the Doman dots 0-100, but the dots are much smaller and they are red on white. These were very simple to make since I only needed to go up to 10.
I’m hoping to try and update more about our journey.

2 thoughts on “My homemade flashcards

  1. Great work! I’m starting to make my own Doman flashcards, too… do you have some advice for me on the size of the black cards?

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