School and Ultrasound

Well we went for my medical ultrasound.

I remember going for Wesley’s 20 week ultrasound. That pregnancy I was not really trying to drink a lot of water on a regular bases, so drinking 2 cups of water and holding it was hard. Plus Wesley was less then co-operative, it took over an hour and 2 ultrasound techs to get his measurements.

 That night was easy because I regularly drink 2 cups of water in a sitting, so my bladder didn’t feel like it was going to burst. They did half the measurements and sent me to pee so the baby would flip for the other measurements they needed. When I came back he was exactly where they needed him. I looked at the screen and his measurements were ranging from 19.6 weeks to 20.6 weeks. I am 20.5 weeks so she said everything looked pretty average. And he’s measuring at 12oz. Basically the whole thing took 15 mins. The tech said we have a very co-operative baby.

The funny thing was she asked if we wanted to know the gender. I told her we were told it was a boy, but we’d like her to confirm it. Just as I finished that sentence he spread his legs wide open and flashed us his boy parts, and she laughed “Well he just confirmed it. He must have heard you.”

I just couldn’t believe how much bigger he got since our last ultrasound 3 weeks ago.

Its amazing, I feel so connected to this baby, and knowing his gender has really helped me. He kicks so much when his Daddy is around, I know he’s not even 21 weeks but its like he knows he’s around.

Wesley started school full time yesterday…

I had mixed emotions. But he was so excited!! He got on the bus no problem. His teacher emailed me to tell me about their reading program, and said he was smiling all day. When he came home he jumped off the bus and said “Mom! I did it!!”

I asked him about his day and he told me, “We had recess, then we had recess, then we had another recess!!” LOL later on he told me he played a dice game. (His teacher uses a lot of games to teach math)

One thing I’m not liking is the mornings. Right now I have to get him up for 7am, so I can get the peeling him out of bed battle done before my daycare kids start arriving at 7:30 am. Plus because he was at his dad’s a bit later last night because of the ultrasound and didn’t get to bed till 9:30pm. I’ve found the best bedtime is 8pm, 8:30 the latest. This really restricts our evening activities. I loved that with homeschooling, if we had a late night because it was beautiful and we wanted to spend more time outside in the evening, he could just sleep in the next morning. This is an adjustment we will have to make for the time being.

I really don’t like sending him to public school. Or any school for that matter. But as long as he keeps coming home with a smile it will work for now.
I know my title states Homeschool in it. I was going to change it, but then I decided to leave it alone for now. I’m not sure if this permanent and I will be homeschooling my next little man from birth.  

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