The New MonkiSee DVD “Around the House”

Well once again I’m honored to be able to team up with Krista from MonkiSee to review their new awesome DVD “Around the House”.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know this is not the first time we have done reviews for MonkiSee. You can find some of my other reviews HERE(Vol 1-3), and HERE(Action Words).

MonkiSee Around the House is a fun and exciting way for your baby or young child to learn about all sorts of things around the house. Your child will see the object, hear a few phrases about the object, shown the word and asked to repeat what the word is. 

Around the House is approximately 30 minutes long and teaches the names of 25 items around the home, including objects in the home, possessions, foods and animals. The video features Skip and Howie as the furry host. It also has an appearance of my friend Tracy’s little boy Bennett! Its so fun for us to see a familiar face.

The wonderful thing about these videos is that it exposes your baby or young children to written language, which they are able to learn from a much younger age then most people think. Most people believe children should start to learn to read at the age of 6 or 7 in school. However more and more parents are discovering that the earlier you teach your child to read the easier it is. Before the age of 6 children are eager to learn because their brains are working hard to learn as much as possible. They thrive to learn and to a young child they would much rather learn then play. Actually learning is playing to them! After 6 years old this process slows down, making the process slower and less fun. 

I started the process with my son at the age of 2. Back then there was not nearly as much materials available to help me, and as a busy single mom who worked full time, it was hard to pull together a program. Krista and the team at MonkiSee have made it easy for parents. They offer complete reading kits, which include DVDs, Books, Flashcards and instructions. This kit makes it easier for busy parents to spend their free time teaching their child instead of researching and creating materials. You can view the kit HERE.

What did we think. Even though Wesley is a bit to old for these videos, he still enjoyed watching them for a few minutes. The people in my houses that really enjoyed this video were my daycare children. They get so excited when they see me with the DVD case about the turn on the DVD player. We enjoy it together and the kids love following the directions and repeating the words. 

I’m most excited to be introducing this video along with the rest of the series to the new addition to our family coming this May. 

Don’t take my word for it though! Watch the preview below:

Thank-you Krista for allowing me to review this DVD. Its only been here a week or two and its already a favorite.

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this DVD in exchange for my honest opinion.

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