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Something I have been struggling with this whole pregnancy is the decision whether or not I’m going to have this baby vaccinated. I’m not trying to start a debate whether or not we should vaccine. But I thought I’d share this great book I read recently that help me make up my mind.
I think for a lot of parents there is just too many secrets when it comes to vaccinating. Doctors just expect us to stick our children each appointment without knowing the pros and cons to each vaccines. And while some doctors are very open to talking to parents and answering their questions, a lot are not. As a parent I want the facts, pros and cons of vaccinating, and pros and cons of not vaccinating. I also want options.
Dr. Sears does this in his book “The Vaccine Book”. Not it is important to know that he is pro vaccine. But the important thing is he is honest. He explains:
– what each vaccine is for.
– ingredients in each vaccine
– which brand is a safer choose
– the risks involved with the vaccine
– the risks and chances of the actual disease
– selective, alternative and delayed schedules
Dr. Sears respects parents enough to give them all the information, different options and the power to make informed decisions for their children.
While I’m not pro vaccine, I’m not anti-vaccine either. I want my children to be vaccinated, but in the safest way possible. I don’t believe in HPV vaccine because the risks are too high, nor do I believe in immunizing children for chickenpox because natural immunity is stronger. If my child has not caught chicken pox by the time they are a teen, then yes I would consider vaccinating. I believe we are going to delay immunizations until my little man is done teething(around 2 or 3) and follow an alternative schedule(skipping chicken pox and delaying Hep B till preteens). My child will not be in large groups of children and I plan on breastfeeding and using naturopathic remedies to build his immune system. If he has ANY reactions to any vaccine, at least I will know which one and not continue with that particular one. As well starting later means we will need less vaccines. I also will not assume my child will need the second shot for some vaccines as most cover you 95% of the time, I will have my doctor run a blood test to make sure it is necessary. Right now this is a tentative plan, things could change. But right now I can sleep at night.
Really before reading Dr.Sear’s book I was lost and now I feel more confident. I think every parent should read this book, whether they are pro vaccine, anti-vaccine, or on the fence.

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