Afterschooling. My thoughts.

Well I think we are finally getting into the swing of things when it comes to school age aba and afterschooling. I’m still struggling with the fact that I don’t know what’s going on during the day. Wesley’s aba consultant assured me that no news is good news when it comes to the school system, but to be honest I wish I could know more without being too in the teachers face. 
I know a lot of my favorites think I’m being overbearing of Wesley. That’s really not the case. My main issue is, I know public schooling really failed me. It didn’t give me the love for learning that I really needed. Really it helped me learn how to do as little as possible to get a good grade. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized what I was missing from my education. I also realized that things have gotten a lot worse since I was in school. I have decided that even though I made bad decisions and took the lazy way out when it came to school. It is never too late to make up for my mistakes. Own up to the fact that just because no one was pushing me to try harder, I should have pushed myself. So I’m focusing on filling my head with knowledge and exposing my son along the way!
Years later, my love for learning and knowledge is finally coming out. I learned how to read using the whole word method, by teaching my son a mix of whole words and phonics, I have actually learned to be a better reader and speller. I’m far from perfect but there is an improvement. I’m hoping to start a grammar program this summer with Wesley. Together we can learn!
What I think the problem is we focus too much on trying to make school fun. I’ve started using the term Edutainment from Leigh Bortin. I think if we taught children from a young age the foundations of learning and started expecting more out of them, children would discover that they can learn whatever they want and enjoy it! We need to prepare our children, because the current state of spoon feeding information, dumbing things down and making education entertaining is causing our children to be stunned in college. I believe in teaching a child how to learn instead of spoon feeding. Teach a man to fish instead of giving him a fish. Once they can learn independently, you have helped your child open so many doors. Basically their future opportunities are endless!!
I mean we look at the state of things and everyone knows at least one or two people that have no ambition and are in their mid to late 20’s, unemployed living in their parents basement. We need to focus on teaching our children from an early age, hard work pays off. Nothing worth anything comes easy. And the only person responsible for your decisions is yourself. 
I wish my computer is up and running because I have a little cartoon saved that shows in the 50’s a child had an F on his report card and the parents stood behind the teacher and expected more out of their child. The the other side of the comic was 2000 the kid had the same F and the parents stood behind the child and were mad at the teacher. What is wrong with that picture?
Then again when a parent advocated for their child, wants to know what’s going on. Has honest suggestions, and wants what’s best first their child, they are basically told to leave it to the system. I read one of my favorites recently and  her son was next to a child who was uttering death threats, distracting her son from learning. This mother had to fight tooth and nails to get him moved from that child and have action taken. It seems that schools are willing to let the good kids suffer, in hopes that they will straighten out the bad apples. This teacher thought because my favorites son still had good grades he was not suffering sitting next to this child. Thing is, yes his grades may have been good, but had he been allowed to learn in a non threatening environment he could have done even better. Once again a prime example of holding back children to keep the pack together. 
It scares me that teachers are scared to hold back children that might not be ready to move to the next grade. They’d rather hold back the children who are excelling. Then children learn throughout elementry  that they can do whatever and still get pushed through. Then come highschool or college they are shell shocked because suddenly its not that easy anymore. I can list you many people I know personally that dropped out of highschool because they were not prepared in elementry or middle school. And the teachers that do expect their students to work hard and try and prepare them are constantly attacked by parents and students for being too hard.
It scares me that children are not being challenged like they could be. Instead of demanding that the parents of the children behind the pack work a little hard at home. Your child’s education is not the only the responsibility of the school system, parents are an active player. Or at least should be.  
So do I blame the public school teachers? No of course not, well at least not fully. I blame the system. I blame society. However at the end of the day, if my son lacks the skills, motivation or opportunity to live to his fullest potential I will blame myself. As his mother I am responsible to raise my son to be a hard worker. A honest and reliable person. It is my responsibility to  make sure he has good character. However I also want him to take responsibility for his actions as well. Nobody like the person that always blames someone else for their misfortunes. 
So at the end of this entry. I’m basically still trying to figure out how to be a good parent. How to help my son. I think changes need to be made. However if they are not, I’m going to do everything in my power to provide for my child. I don’t want to be the parent standing there wondering why oh why is my child not doing well. In the end I am my boys first teacher and most important teacher. If I don’t believe the school is doing him justice I have two options. Sit back and complain or stand up and say ok if you won’t do something for my boys, I WILL. Right now I’m just trying to figure out the best path. 
I know this entry is all over the place. Forgive me, I’m just laying out my thoughts on my iPhone screen. 

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