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So I made a decision. I’m going to use cloth diapers with Baby Z. I went shopping on Saturday with a friend of mine that is due in March. She showed me at Sears they are clearing out a lot of their baby stuff and had 8 packs of Kushies Basic fitted diapers on sale for $22. They are suppose to fit 10lbs to 22lbs.
So I bought 24 of these:
I’m ordering 6 of these to go over those:

Then I decided I need to start at the newborn stage so I don’t depend on disposables. But Newborn diapers are so expensive for such a short time, then I scored these Bummis covers for $5 each! So I bought 7 🙂

I’m going to order some basic prefolds ebay, and then they can be used as liners and such when Baby Z is older.

Then for the older stage I’m going to order this set(since it only comes with 4 Thirsties covers I’m going to order two more from Kushies in the toddler size)
I know there are fancier diapers I can order, but for $15-$25 a pop, I just can’t justify it. Prefolds are the workhorse diaper according to many blogs I have been reading, and with Snappins, there is no worrying about pins. Later on you can even just lay the prefolds in the wrap. I’m doing this to save money and to be frugal, the more money I can save the longer I can stay on maternity leave with minimal daycare children. Plus since I will have all these diapers in the next month or so, and assuming I stick to breastfeeding, Baby Z will be essentially free to care for till he is 6 months or so and we introduce solids.(Even then I got a Baby Bullet for Christmas, so those cost will be low too) Then in a few years if and when we decided to have another, diapers will not be an issue. Even if I just cloth diaper while at home, I will be able to save us a fortune.

Thinking back I think I have some large Thirsties prefolds and liners for older babies. I was going to cloth diaper Wesley just before I potty trained him, but then I just moved him to Kushies Training pants. I think I have about 7 pairs of these too:

Also since we spend A LOT of our summer swimming in hubby’s auntie’s pool I’m going to order Kushies swimmers(2 smalls for the beginning of the summer and 2 mediums for the end)

Basically to break even I would have to cloth diaper for 5.5 months.
You will break even in 22.83 weeks or 5.26 months.
You will save $61.1 in 6 months.
You will save $389.16 in 10 months.
You will save $553.2 in 1 year.
You will save $1045.29 in 1 1/2 years.
Not to mention, once I know we are done having children, the fact I can resell these items if I take care of them is a major bonus. Nobody would ever buy my used disposables LOL.

SO I’ve been MAJORLY purging the house. Saturday morning I put out in my front yard 28 boxes and garbage bags full of stuff to be picked up for donations. Two weeks before I put out 3 bags. Totaling 31 bags and boxes. I have to say, OMGoodness this is refreshing!! It feels so good seeing my house slowly becomes less cluttered. I mean we still have a lot of stuff, and a lot of it I don’t think we need. So I’m starting round 2 today.

I realized I’m a lot like my mom. I find a great deal and buy it. I mean who can turn down brand new, beautiful, fluffy, full size bath towels for $2. Well when your linen closet it bursting at the seams and your wondering why the people that designed your house would make it so small, there’s a problem. So I decided today I’m purging my precises bath towels. I’m keeping 10 towels, that is all. 2 per person, I’m including Zakari and my stepdaughter in this count. I could likely get it down to 6, but its nice to have a few extra for major spills.

Now my closet is another thing. I have about 15-20 pairs of jeans, 12ish pairs of dress pants, too many tops to count. I got rid of the faded color jeans, or jeans with holes, also I got rid of dress pants I don’t like. I’d really like to purge more, but I have assorted sizes and I’m not sure what I’m going to need from now till post pregnancy. I don’t want to get rid of them and then in a few months have to go out and buy some more. I also got rid of shirts that seemed to have shrunk up, since I have no interest in showing off my mid section.

I also spent some time reading about Simple Parenting last night. I realized how much damage I am doing to my children by buying them so many toys. Its not healthy! Their rooms are bursting at the seam and most do not get played with. I thought maybe for their birthdays (baby Z- May, Wesley- June, Chloe-July) we could get them one small gift each and one big joint gift, like this year I was thinking a sandbox. Something they can do together and encourages outdoor play, and creativity. Maybe at Christmas each a small gift(like a craft, movie, book) and a family present like season passes to the children’s museum/zoo. I need to get over the mentality that they need a million and one presents to open Christmas morning. Memories of being a family is so much more important.

I’m also going to start slowly giving away some of there least popular toys. Hopefully making room for the toys they really play with. So far I have only gotten rid of toys that they are too young for and toys that are broken or missing pieces.

I have to say, since I have been purposing to stay on top of dishes and laundry, and eliminating clutter, I’m happier. I feel happy looking at less clutter. The simple life is great! The idea of living with less, cloth diapering, and donating all the stuff were not using, is so freeing!

Even grocery shopping has become simpler. Instead of buying huge carts of stuff and wasting half of it, I go once or twice a week and buy some basics. Really I’d like to have a stock pile, but while I’m decluttering, that is not all that helpful.

I also decided that I’m going to do some Container Vegetable Gardens this summer. Since Baby Z and I will be home, I may as well grow some basic product. I was thinking radishes, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans and strawberries.

I’m going to get some bins from the dollar store and drill some drainage wholes in the bottoms. Hopefully if all goes well we can have some fresh salads this summer. Oh and I can’t forget dill! Yummy mash potatoes and dill…..

Oh some other great news!! My parents brought over my last box of baby stuff that I was storing in their basement, and there it was! My Cuddlewrap! I was so worried I lent it to a girl that I’m no longer friends with, and since Wesley was a baby they have gone from $50 I paid to $80 to purchase now. I was bummed that I might have to buy a new one, or find one used on ebay. What a relief.

I’m also pretty sure unless we receive it as a gift, or someone lends us one, we will not be using the bucket style carseat. When my car got banged up last year, autopac replaced Wesley’s 3 in one car seat(which was about to expire) with a brand new one. So I switched him to a booster since he was the right size and stored that one in the basement. So basically I just need the rest of my diaper stash, a pack or two of baby face clothes(for cloth wipes), a few newborn and 0-3 month outfits, stroller, new crib mattress, and maybe a swing. I’m not sure about that either. I would rather my baby get lots of tummy time. So I’m undecided about that one. The minimalist ideals would say no, but the old me thinks yes. I’d also love to get him a new crib set. But in all reality I just need the comforter. I have several fitted crib sheets, and I don’t use the bumper pads. So maybe I’ll do some shopping on ebay.
Any how, off do my only load of laundry for the day and a few dishes.

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