My first decluttering panic attack

For the last… well… forever, I have know my linen closet has been out of hand. I have always been a sucker when it comes to buying fluffy bath towels, that is when they come on at price this bargain hunter can’t refuse. Well I haven’t fallen into this trap in a long time, but I still  have almost every single towel I have bought. Yesterday I realized I had about 25-30 bath towels. For a family of 4 almost 5. And can you believe back last year when I would fall behind on laundry we would run out of towels!!!!

While the children were napping I started gutting my linen closet. Since starting my home decluttering project that as of Saturday got rid of 31 boxes and garbage bags of stuff to the local diabetes clothes and household donation line, this was the first time I had a mini panic attack. I felt like those people on the show “Hoarder”. But what the heck! These are towels, its not like I’m throwing out my scrapbooks or journals. These are just dumb towels! My goal was to keep 10. I landed up keeping 11. I kept the kids Disney’s Beach Towels and I’m including that in the 11, so really I kept 9 bath towels and 2 beach towels. I also got rid of a bunch of plain sheets. We don’t use sheets, we all prefer comforters, fitted sheets and plain blankets. So I got rid of a bunch of those.

Once the bags were sealed and out of sight I felt better. Then later that evening when I went to take a shower and I opened the closet I must say, if felt good to see it so neat and orderly, even though it only had a few towels in it.

I realized now that I am done getting rid of the things I really don’t want, step two now is to get rid of the clutter I don’t NEED or have practice use for. This is harder because I’m a pack rat by nature. But clutter is clutter and if I want to have a home that’s easy to maintain, I need to get rid of things that are not necessary. So to get me through this I’m going to keep reading blogs of people who live minimalist lives. Its so reassuring to see how happy they are! It’s really going against the grain (ie. society) and decided that stuff is not what defines you or makes you happy.

Once my daycare is closed my lower level washroom can go back to normal too! Right now my little half bathroom doubles as a changing station, with supplies for 4 different children. The change table will get moved upstairs to the nursery, and that bathroom can go back to being the guest bathroom.

My goal this weekend is to clean out my bedroom closet, and rip the carpet out of the basement stairs. Its been slowly coming up since we moved here and the landlord is not interested in fixing it, so I’m just going to take it out. It looks awful anyhow.

I called the Canadian Diabetes clothes and household items line and they are coming again for pick up on Feb 13th, so far I have another 5 bags for them. My goal is to have a minimum of  12 bags this time around. I’m also hoping to convenience my hubby to go look at bunk beds Saturday. Because as soon as the kids play area is set up downstairs I want to get both of them moved into Wesley’s room. And I can start setting up the nursery.

I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress, wish me luck!

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