Not sure where I stand…

Well its now the middle February…
My son has been in school for a just over a month now.
He’s still loving it. His teacher is sweet as can be. The school seems to be on top of things. But…
I still don’t feel good about it.
I feel like I’m counting down the days to Spring Break and Summer.
I feel like even though I”m an active part of his education, I’m still in the dark.
I also feel helpless because his father, step-father, therapist, etc, all feel this is best for him.
But it doesn’t feel right.
I believe his education is suffering. I’m not sure this is the socialization I want him exposed to.
I feel so locked into a corner.
For now I’m slowly building his afterschooling program, and planning out some catch up time during his Spring Break and Summer Holiday. I’m looking at starting to teach him grammar and cursive handwriting this summer, both of which are not taught in grade 2. And supplementing his Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies with Classical Education at home. Also we will continue to work on Math using TouchMath,
I’m hoping this summer we can spend a lot of time hiking, exploring and enjoying the great outdoors.
On my goals list this week I managed to read two books, donate another 11 bags of stuff, and made a few more infant stimulation cards. So far I have managed to donate 42 bags of stuff, so I upped my goal to 60 bags before the baby comes.

This week I’m hoping to get my shelf built in my bedroom, organize my homeschooling and scrapbooking stuff. I’m also hoping to read another 2 books on my list.

Since I finished reading The Well Trained Mind(well I read the info that related the grammar stage and skipped over the middle school and high school stuff), I’m really excited to get started with Wesley. I went to the library and paid off my fines so we can start to use the books there again. As much as I like to buy books for our use, I don’t think it will be economical since I will not being working in a few months.

I’m very excited that next month I’ll be going for a girls scrapbooking weekend! I know it will be unlikely that I can go in the fall, so I decided to take advantage of it now.

As for the homeschooling conference. I’m still sitting on the fence. I want to attend, however its an extra expense and to be honest, I think it would be more upsetting to sit there and listen to people talk about the benefits of homeschooling when that’s not something I can do right now.

I’m hoping to write about our Soft Mozart experience. I had computer issue this weekend, so thats why I’m delayed.

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