Be a Door Opener, Not a Door Shutter – No Greater Joy Ministries

Be a Door Opener, Not a Door Shutter – No Greater Joy Ministries

This month’s NGJ magazine came in the mail a few minutes ago and all my daycare kiddos were down for a nap, so I broke the seal and started to read. I felt like God slapped me in the face when I was done and said “Wake Up Monique!”
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a monster to Wesley, but I am strict. I mean I have to be, he is the type of child that needs clear guidelines and rules. However, I think of the times recently that I was chatting for a while on the phone and Wesley kept interrupting me. I took it as a act of disobedience, but really the more I look at it, he just wanted me to spend some time with him. I had been on the phone for a while. If I had given him the attention he needed maybe he would not have been pestering me as much.
This article made me realize, I need to balance my relationship with my son a little more. Its not awful, but there is always room for improvement. I want my boys to think of me as an open door, not a closed door. Phone calls to friends or family can wait till they are in bed. They are only little for a short time. If I don’t do my job right now, and take advantage of this short window of opportunity, they may in turn slam the door in my face when they are older.
I just felt called to share this. Of course my little man is going off to his daddy’s house for the evening, and I won’t get to spend much time with him before bed. But I guess that can leave this time to soak into my heart.
Patience is not one of my strong points. Especially since becoming pregnant. I need to focus on patience and being a door opener, not shutter.

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