Documented Day

Well I thought that I would document what Wesley did in regards to after-schooling today. Now keep in mind, most of these things are enjoyable to him and he still had time to sit and veg in front of the TV and watch and episode of Avengers on Netflix and just play in his room.
– Little Musician(beta testing)

  • Start Here File
  • Nursery Rhyme in Solfage 

BrillKids Little Reader

  • Chinese (1 session) This is totally for input. Since I don’t know Chinese, I’m not tempted to test him

–  5 mins of Prodigy Mozart
– 15 Mins of Suzie Piano Primer (Then his bus came)

PM (afterschool)

Reading Eggs (Lesson 99)
Soft Mozart Gentle Piano

  • Alphabet Song x1
  • Mary Had a Little Lamb x2

– Addition Problems (54 problems)
– Subtraction Problems (20 problems)
Sensible Pencil (1page a&t’s) He knows how to make all his letters, but sometimes a little practice is good to help him from getting sloppy. I’m not sure this would be my first pick if he was just learning. I actually prefer Handwriting Without Tears, but since I had a bunch printed out from his Preschool ABA, I figured we should use them.
Follow that Dot (Memory Magic printouts) 
I would love to use the computer for this, but my DVD drive won’t open now 🙁 So for now the paper version is better then nothing.

  • Card 1
  • Card 2
  • Card 3 

– Practiced Skip counting by 3’s
– ABA session with his tutor (5pm-6pm)
– Free Craft time

Before Bed
– 25pc jigsaw puzzle (he could do more advance ones, but his old ABA consultant would use to use puzzles to regain compliance and they became aversive, so I’m am trying to make them just fun Mom and Me time)
The Reading Lesson (lesson 15)
– As he falls asleep and while we read he is also listening to SmartWav Babies – The Music Math System 
After I wrote it all out, I couldn’t believe how much we get done in the 1.5 hours in the morning, and 4 to 4.5 hours in the evening of time together. I’m sure once things outside dry up, we will be spending more time outside. But for now between the rain and the snow, this schedule works. And like I said, he still had time for a non-educational tv show, to play bakogons, and trucks.

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