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Well I have to say I have been I have been addicted to Figur8’s blog as of lately. I have spent hours reading over her archives and I have yet to scratch the surface. Her boys both attended Right Brain schools, and she has been compiling activities and sharing her experiences. This is so helpful for parents who live in countries where right brain schools are not as available, or flat out cannot afford it.

She has mentioned that in the Hegura school one of the activities they do is Tan-gram puzzles. Now while I have a set of Tan-grams(thanks to a dear friend who shared her extras with me) I was reminded of a product that I’ve had sitting in my closet for a while, Mighty Mind. I decided to bring it out and start off with these premade cards it comes with. But we opened it and of course there was one piece missing. If anything irritates me more then missing a bunch of pieces, its missing only ONE piece. Well luckily most off the puzzles can be done without this one piece.

However I went on their website to see if I could order this missing piece, because, well I’m compulsive and I HATE not having the complete set. Also I’m sure in the future I will be pulling out this set for Baby Z when he gets to be old enough. Well turns out, they have an amazing policy on missing parts! All you have to do is trace the shape your missing(there are several of the same shape, just different colors), tell them what color you need and send them a self addressed and stamped envelope and they will send you the replacement part. So I emailed the company this morning, because the Canadian link is broken, but the USA one works. SO hopefully I can send out my sketch and get that missing piece.
So even with the piece being missing Wesley and I sat this morning and did a few of the puzzles and he responded very well to it! I thought that he would want to stick to the very easy ones, but he jumped right into the ‘middle of the road’ difficult ones and did amazing! He was a bit upset, if they were not lined up just so, but got over that very quickly. Right now we are doing them just at leisure, but soon I’d like to pick up the pace and see how fast we can complete them.

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  1. Thank you for posting. I had never heard of Figur8s. I really want to work on right brain education, but just don’t know how beyond Little Reader and Little Math. I will eagerly watch to see what else you do for right brain training.

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