Right Brain Education/Classical Education, Planning outloud.

Please excuse this entry. It may be all over the place, but I’m writing this all out so it will hopefully help organize my thoughts.

Today I watched a few videos on Youtube that I thought that I would share. They really got my brain going.

Wesley is still very right brain. Since this is the case, I feel like I should be taking advantage of this window of opportunity.I was even thinking that, as soon as I’m on maternity leave keeping home one day a week from school, just to focus on right brain education. Then through out the week, fit in short little sessions where I can.
I have managed to squeeze in a Little Musician session every morning at breakfast and then before getting on the bus we watch most if not all of Suzie Piano Primer. At first I thought this video was low budget, but after watching it with Wesley a few times I soon found that it is very very valuable and I was learning a lot.
Since my computer seems to be cooperating, I think we are going to start adding in a quick Little Reader Chinese lesson. Now while I’m not planning on going too over board with teaching Wesley or Baby Z Chinese, I think this program will likely open their minds and stimulate the brain. Hopefully BrillKids will come up with a Little Reader French and Spanish soon 🙂
I’m also going out tonight to buy a xylophone. We are starting The Evan Thomas Institute’s program called “The Initial Music Program”. It is a guide that helps parents run a:
– Listening Program
– Perfect Pitch Program
– Note Reading Program
– Rhythm Program
– Musical Terms and Symbols Program
 Right now we are on lesson 14 of The Reading Program. It is going well, but I think I can make some adjustments to make it run smoother. After that program is complete we are going to review Hooked On Phonics Grade 1, and then hopefully work through the Hooked On Phonics Grade 2 through the summer.
We are still reading classical story books and math memorization.
Anyhow, my sore lower back from sitting too long is going to cut this entry short. Its amazing how pregnancy can take a real toll on your body. Hopefully I’ll be able to iron out some more details.