Wink To Learn Speak and Read English with Baby Z

Oh I’m so excited to write about these products once again! Back in the summer of 2010 Wesley and I were able to review a wonderful product called Wink To Learn- Speak and Read English. You can read about it here: Doman, ABA, and Afterschooling Momma: Wink to Learn- Speak and Read English Review. Then back in January 2011 we reviews Wink To Learn’s iPhone apps. You can read that review here: Doman, ABA, and Afterschooling Momma: Wink To Learn IPhone and IPad apps!

Well we loved them both back then, but then Wesley is able to read all the words in the program, so we packed it up. Well the fun part about reviewing products is you can pull them out years later for younger children. And thats just what we did!

I started Baby Z on the Wink to Learn, Speak and Read DVD series this week. We are following the following guidelines recommended by the Wink to Learn company.

Age: 12 months and below


Start your child on one lesson from Level 1twice a day.

Complete each level in two months.

After your child had progressed to the next level,play one of the 3 revision lessons from the previouslevel(s) once or twice a week.

How is it going for Baby Z?

Wonderful!! He truly enjoys his lessons. He smiles and coos, while absorbing all the informations. While the speaker in the DVDs we own does have a bit of an accent, I know this will not affect my little one, because she still speaks very clear and the accent is not difficult to understand at all. The pictures are also very clear and crisp. Even my daycare children can’t help but come sit down during lesson time and learn.


As mom, the thing I love about this program is the fact that the lessons are short. This is so important now that Baby Z is getting older. I want to expose him to many programs that involve using a screen, whether it be on the TV, computer or iPad. While I believe babies and toddlers can learn alot from dvds and computer programs, I don’t want my little man exposed to hours upon hours of screen a day. This program fits my plan, since it gets right to the meat and potatoes of learning.

We have also been using Wink to Learns fun iPhone/iPad app, Speak and Read English. Baby Z and my daycare kiddos love this program. I’m hoping that in the future Wink to Learn will create more levels to this program. But I do know once Baby Z is a bit older, he can start playing the game this app has too!

Overall all the Wink to Learn products I have tried have been wonderful. Also when you order it is free shipping worldwide. Which is a bonus!

Check them out at Flash Cards | Baby Can Read | Inspired by Glenn Doman, Dr. Shichida | DVDs – WINKtoLEARN

Disclaimer: I received Wink to Learn Speak and Read DVD program in the past in exchange for a review. This update was strictly for the benefit of my readers and I received no compensation.