TouchMath for Homeschoolers!! Review

TouchMath for Homeschoolers!! A Review

Homeschoolers Asked, TouchMath Listened

Well, I have wonderful news! For homeschooling and after schooling parents out there that LOVE TouchMath, but could not afford the classroom size prices, guess what! TouchMath listened!! They have recently released a special AFFORDABLE homeschooling program!!

The Solution to the Math Curriculum Hunt

For those of you that are new to my blog, when Wesley was 4-6 years old I had a real hard time finding a math program that worked well for him. Honestly, most of them left him in tears and had me wondering why I could not manage to teach my child math.

Well, the answer to my prayers came when I found TouchMath.

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The Price Was The Only Thing Holding Homeschoolers Back

The only negative point to the TouchMath system was the price. The program was designed for the classroom, so there was more material than one family could possibly use, and the price tag of just shy of $1000 one year of the program was untouchable to most families.

But the people at TouchMath heard this loud and clear and wanted to make this program available to homeschooling families and families like my own who send their children to public school but don’t completely trust the subject of math to the luck of the draw and afterschool their children.

First, they created the downloadable worksheets. Which can be found here:
Touchmath Downloadables

These were an awesome first step. Worksheets could be purchased for a reasonable price in bundles and parents could work with their children at home and not break the bank. The only issue with this method was that there really was not any guidance for the parent. It was more as a supplement than a full program. For us as an afterschool family, this worked well.

TouchMath Homeschool Program

Then TouchMath blew it out of the park. They created the TouchMath Homeschool Program:

You asked, and we answered! And we think you’ll agree that it was worth the wait. For the first time, we now have multisensory TouchMath Homeschool Programs available just for you. The complete pre-K through second grade activity sheets are downloadable by grade level in convenient, cost-effective packages. Each grade level contains hundreds of black and white student activity sheets specifically designed to meet the Common Core State Standards. We’ve also included complete instruction guides with lesson plans, real-world activities, and testing materials for every topic. 

Wesley and I have had the chance to use the Grade Two version(Unit A-D) of the TouchMath Homeschool Program. So far we are on Unit 3A and he is doing very well! Actually the day the links came to me via email and I was opening them up to read what they were about Wesley came up to me. Right away when he saw it was a TouchMath program he was begging me to do a few pages.

What Makes The TouchMath Homeschool Program Different Than The Downloadable Worksheets?

What makes this different then the Downloadable worksheets I mentioned earlier is the setup. Each unit in the homeschool program includes a “teachers” guide. This is loaded with useful information on how to teach your child. Each activity builds on what your child has learned in the last activity.

What’s included with each unit download?
  • Implementation Guide
  • 6 Module Guides with Instructional Strategies
  • 90 Student Activity Sheets
  • 6 Assessments (one per module)
  • Real World Connections
  • Answer Keys
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Vocabulary

So What Does It Actually Cost?

Each Unit cost $47 for the download-only or $60 for download & printed copies. You can purchase all 4 Units for $154 for the download-only or $199 for the download and printed copies.

In my opinion, this product is worth every penny. It is a license for one household. So it can be passed on to younger siblings. It is all digital and just requires you to print out the worksheets. I read the parent’s guide on my computer and print out the worksheets I feel my son needs. So there are no consumable products you need to continue purchasing for each additional child.

How My Child Is Doing With The Program

Wesley comes home and completes 3-8 worksheets afterschool. Basically, we are reviewing a lot of what he has learned at school since he is in the second half of the 2nd grade. But I have found a few holes and with TouchMath I have been able to help him fill them in. For example adding or subtracting from the 1’s column then moving on to the 10’s, then 100’s. Plus he is memorizing facts by doing so much review, which in turn is making him a stronger math student. He also has always struggled with word problems and now with all this extra practice, he is actually getting stronger at them!

Overall well done TouchMath! I am very excited to continue with this program with my 2nd grader. In a few years when Baby Z is older, we plan on using the Preschool version of this program too!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the second grade TouchMath Homeschool Program in exchange for my honest opinion. Others may have a different experience, and I am not responsible for any losses if you have a different experience than we did.


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  1. Thanks for your review! It was helpful. Someone gave me a stack of work sheets that they had left over from homeschooling her kids and my kids have really enjoyed them. So I though I would look up TouchMath. Looks like a pretty good program. From what I can see, they are right on target with scope and sequence. I am excited about this!

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