Monkisee- At The Farm Review

Well a few months ago I was asked to review the NEW MonkiSee Educational video. We used it daily for the first month, and now we are using it a few times a week. Baby Z and my daycare kiddos got excited as soon as I grabbed the DVD case.

Those who are regulars to my blog know we have reviewed several of the MonkiSee DVD series. They were very very popular with Wesley when he was younger, now I’m using them with his younger brother and my daycare kids. Unlike other DVD series that teach your baby to read, Monkisee always seems to be expanding their collection. This is important to me, because my kids seem to get attached to the characters of shows and I know they can grow with Howie and Skip, and not have to watch the same old videos. It seems like there is always a new one about to be released. Its amazing to watch this family company group. Its truly a family affair, and its fun to watch Krista(the creator’s) children grow up on screen.

MonkiSee- Animals At the Farm is my personal favorite so far. Not only are my children learning how to read the names of the animals. They are also learning tons of great facts about each one. Also at the end I can show my kiddies a more Doman style flashcard session. The main song is very catchy, so be warned you might not be able to get it out of your head.

The only minor issue I had with the video was Howie the Monkey, comes of as a bit of a know it all. correcting Olivia in what I felt was a condescending tone. That being said, I may just be hypersensitive to that.

Its honestly really neat to watch each MonkiSee video improving with each new video released. I’m excited to see how they will top this video, because its going to be a hard act to follow. But I’m sure the people at MonkiSee are up for the challenge.

Be sure to visit and check out their collection of DVDs, Flashcards and books.

Disclaimer: This review is my opinion only. Opinions may very. I was not paid to write this review and was not compensated other then receiving a free copy of this dvd

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