16 months, videos of Baby Z practicing Sight Words and Shapes

Well Baby Z and I have been busy! We finally are settled in a routine after moving and have taken full advantage of our iPad. He is now 16 months old. Finally walking.
Right now we typically do:
2 sessions of Little Reader
2 Sessions of Little Math
2 sessions of Little Chinese
2 Sessions of Little Musician
3 sessions of ABCmouse.com
1 session of Hooked On Phonics app
1-2 sessions of Preschool Prep app- Shapes
1-2 sessions of Preschool Prep app- Numbers
1-2 sessions of Preschool Prep app- Sight Words 1
2-3 sessions of Teach Me Toddler
We also spend a lot of time reading, counting, and just playing.
16 months there seems to have been a whole lot of changes. He is crossing over from being a baby to being a toddler. I cant believe how many words are starting to come out of his mouth, just out of nowheres like:
– Cat(he also meows back at our cat)
– Banana
– Boob (when he wants to nurse. Not great I know, but its kind of funny… for now)
– Octagon
– Green
– Blue
– Play
He’s not as big into signing as his brother was. But then thinking back Wes didnt really start signing till he was 22 months, and he was in a daycare located in our local deaf centre. Half his teachers were deaf.


Baby Z had his first experience at the beach last weekend. Lots of new sensory opportunities. But he only tried to eat the sand once LOL. A mouth full was enough for his liking. I thought a few times he was going to have a meltdown, but he never did. We are going back tonight. We have to get in as much beach time as we can before summer slips into fall.
I thought I’d share a few videos of Baby Z. The first is Baby Z practicing his Shapes with the Preschool Prep Shapes app.
This video is Baby Z practicing his Sight Words.

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