What the boys are doing these days.

I got a gentle push again from my dear friend reminding me its been a while since my last update. Honestly the last month I seem to have been getting sick here and there, and well this blog was put on the back burner.

The boys are doing very well. Wes is advancing through his piano book, and doing very well. I started him more on a after school routine. Every evening he is suppose to do 20 mins of home reading for school, and then practice his piano for piano lessons. His teacher doesn’t send home any homework and now that he’s in grade 3 I see an issue with this. I don’t want him to be shell shocked when he starts grade 4 or 5 and starts getting 30mins to an hour of homework a night. So when he arrives home I proved him a pile of books to read. I set a timer for his 20 mins.

Wes struggles with comprehension. He is amazing at decoding words, but what is the point of being able to decode if you don’t understand what you are reading? So a while back I found these books. I know he’s in the third grade, but I decided to buy the 1st and 2nd grade first. I’d rather him work through a book and have success with it, then start him at the grade 3 level and have it be too hard and have him give up. Also even though the first few assignments in the 1 st grade may seem easy, I think he is still taking something away from it.

I also decided to start taking advantage of our Click N Kids subscriptions. Wes is always wanting iPad/Computer time, and frankly I’m sick of the mind numbing garbage that he’s watching/playing. So I have him do one lesson of the spelling program and one of the phonics. Right now he’s whizzing though it. I’m bumping him up 5 phonics levels each time trying to find his level. As for spelling, we just started this, but I having him go to the lessons that offer a test of the previous lessons. If he does well I bump him up to the next level that has a test. If he were to do poorly, or not pretty close to 100% I would go back and have him complete the previous levels. 

 So the other day my step daughter came home with her homework from school. She attends a well know college prep school(pre-k to Grade 12). I flipped through the book as I had heard about it from the BrillKids forum. I like them a lot, so I looked into ordering them. I was shocked that they were available on amazon.ca for such an affordable price. Wes is pretty strong in math, but even still I decided to start him off with the second part of grade 2. The second book in the grade to series introduces the children to multiplication, and I didn’t feel it would be wise to skip over that piece. Even though we whip through it in no time, its a good solid start. Leaving math to the school system scares me as its so important. I ordered both of the grade 3 books as well.

I know this might seem like a lot, but really it takes him from when he gets home at 4ish till I’m done work around 5pm. One hour and then he has from “5pm-8pm to just be a kid.” Plus I think when the day comes that he has a teacher that feels kids should have homework, he wont feel so shocked. 


Baby Z. Oh wow what a character. “Stop don’t do that”, in his language means, Quick! Do it faster. He is extremely busy and into everything. I use to think playpens should only be for sleeping, and using them while the child is awake is cruel. That was until I met Baby Z. You place him in a playpen with a pile of books, he will happily look through them. Place him on the floor with the same pile of books, he will abandon them and try and knock over the TV, push any button he can find, chew on the table or manage to remove the power socket covers.

While it seems no matter how much baby proofing I do upstairs, he can find SOMETHING to get into trouble with. My downstairs is a safe haven for him. He can go go go and rarely get into trouble. I try to spend as much time as possible with him down there, but there are times I need to be in the kitchen and he needs to go in there. But I’m finding going to other peoples house exhausting. I think I’m going to have to look into training him. Maybe blanket training. I hate the thought of it, but I can’t be running after him like a crazy lady. Right now its ok, because he’s small and cute, but it wont be like that forever.

Before the haircut

 We took Baby Z for yet another haircut. Last Tuesday I noticed when he was eating his hair was falling in his eyes and bugging him. Well thank goodness it was a friend of mine cutting his hair (I also watch her little girl) because I don’t think anyone else would have had enough patience for him. He screamed like she was cutting off limbs instead of hair. Then when she was done his hair and went on to cut his brothers he started sympathy crying. He screamed until we left the salon.  

After his haircut

That being said, I don’t want people to think he is an awful child. Far from! Maybe yes, I could take Wesley wherever and he would not get into everything. But Z is an AMAZING sleeper. Wes I had to rock and rock and rock and when he fell asleep I would sit there holding him wondering, is he a sleep enough for me to put him down? Baby Z I just lay him down with his blankie and walk out and he rolls over and goes to sleep. Worse case he yells out at me once to tell me he’s ticked off I’m suggesting its bed time. But then stops immediately. Also with the exception of meat, Baby Z eats a lot better then Wes did at the same age. Wesley would only eat baby food until he was 2 years old. Z loves to experiment with new foods. 

We are still doing a lot of the same educational activities were were before. Baby Z has most of the 3 levels of Meet the Sight Words on the iPad down path. And I have introduced Meet The Blends DVD. 

I found a new series of DVDs called Little Champion Reader. It looks like a better made, more complete Your Baby Can Read series. More DVDs, less flashcards and more books then the YBCR set. So I feel back into my old ways of buying impulsively… and I ordered it. So I’ll let you guys know what I think when it comes. 

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