Teach Your Baby to Read? Why You Should Do It? Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should!

I find it extremely frustrating when I try and share with friends about teaching babies, toddlers or preschoolers how to read, the reactions I get.

Yikes looks like I’m pressuring him to read…

“Oh I don’t want to pressure my child.”

“What is the point in that?”

“They will learn that in school.”

“They are not ready for that.”

I do not pressure my children at a young age to learn to read. That comment alone is insulting. People will sit there and pester their children, “Say Mommy! Come on little Sally, say Mommy! Come on.” Yet I sit and cuddle with my children and playfully read flashcards and books to them, not requiring a response. But I’m the one pressuring my child.  

Teaching your child to read in a fun, gentle thing can be super rewarding. 

4 Reasons WHY You Should Teach Your Child to Read:

1) Children LOVE to learn and at a young age they are like little sponges. Think about most 3 years old and what comes out of their mouth all the time. Why? Why? Why? Now image giving them the gift of reading. Suddenly they can sit down and read a book about their favorite subject. They don’t have to fully depend on what knowledge an adult has about the subject to learn from. They can learn about how a train work, where monkeys live or why fish can breath in water.

2) Little children are in the zone to learn. Think about it, when they are born they don’t know the family language, what name we call every item, or how to even propeller their bodies around. 

If you can introduce written language at the same time as your child is learning to talk, they can easily learn it. Also learning it at the same time makes more connections in the brain.

3)  Scary thing is our school systems are not doing that great at teaching our kids to read right now. 

If you wait till your child is school age, learning becomes a little tougher. As well you are leaving your child at the mercy of the school. Right now I know in Manitoba, Canada, our scores in reading and math are going down. You can’t wait for the the system to be fixed, because it may come too late for your child. 

4) It helps build a good parent/child bond. Your child will know that you are investing time into their life. One of my favorite early learning stories came from one of my good friends. Her and her family had gone out camping. That night while sitting around the fire her 3 year old daughter turn to her and said, “Thank you Mama for teaching me to read.”

Have you taught your young child to read? What was your main reason why? Have you been thinking about it, but worried? Share you concerns.

4 thoughts on “Teach Your Baby to Read? Why You Should Do It? Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should!

  1. Great article thanks. My little boy has just turned two and he loves learning letters and is keen to read. I have been singing the alphabet to him since he was a baby and now he sings the whole alphabet himself. No pressure on him at he just enjoys it! His bedtime stories wih Daddy have given him an interest in words and he’s able to recognise/identify a handful of letters. He has fun with it.

    • That is awesome Jenbug!! Keep gently showing him new materials. Its truly amazing how quickly they pick up stuff.

    • I make most of my own flashcards using Google Drive. However the IAHP has some very nice ones. I also love the flashcards that come with the Your Baby Can Read program.

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