9 Year old Piano Recital

So my sweet Wes had his annual Winter Piano Recital. He performed Frosty the Snowman. This was a tricky piece for him and I wasn’t sure we were going to pull it off. Then a few days before he was able to really polish it off. I was so relieved.

But then the night before he started messing up, getting lost in the notes and not able to play the song. My heart sunk. I was terrified for him. I didn’t want him to go on stage, have a bad experience and be scarred for life.

Luckily the next morning we practiced and he nailed it. So we started getting ready to go.

As he walked up on stage I started praying for him. And he played, and he did well. He may not have played as smoothly as he did at practice, but he made it through without messing up or getting lost. I was so proud of him.

He walked off stage carrying his notes and I saw his little hands shaking. But he did it!

Check out his performance right here:

Do your kids play in annual Winter Concerts? Share your video links with me!