Blogging Vs Vlogging. Am I Quitting Traditional Blogging???

CommentsI received a comment from long time readers yesterday:

Dear Monique,

I’ve read your blog for about 5 years now, and I loved seeing your kids grow under your guidance and seeing how their educations are being directed. I especially loved reading about how therapies did (or occassionally didn’t) work with Wes, and I loved reading your product reviews.

Because I have been a long term reader, I have to tell you the truth: I don’t like VLOGs. There is nothing wrong with your VLOGs, I’m sure, but I don’t–as a rule–enjoy them nearly as much as I do a blog. I don’t know why.

I hope that you don’t change this site into mostly just a VLOG. I like READING your story, reading is easier and more convinient for me–I can quickly revisit a paragraph, re-read a section as often as I need to, perform a search to find keywords, etc..

I do not watch VLOGs. They are too distracting and a little annoying. I understand that times are changing, but as you move forward and grow your audience, I sincerely hope that you will continue to share things in a traditional blog and not ALWAYS do VLOGs.

Either way, I have loved watching your family grow and your children learn. I will continue to support you using affiliate links and the such when I can, because I believe that you deserve it and your blogs have served a valuable purpose to me for several years now. But, all of that aside, I do hope that this won’t become 50% (or even more) VLOG. Please continue to do traditional posts and upload only the occasional VLOG.

–One persons opinions.

I thought that I would share what I replied for my readers that might not have seen the comment and my reply. And I might be able to go into even a little more detail.

Hello A,

Thank you for your opinion. Right now I am just experimenting with Vlogs. With the busy Christmas season I’m finding Vlogs are a bit easier to do, instead of leaving my blog vacant during that time and risking another long hiatus. Right now, I’m in a phase that I’m really enjoying other bloggers who are using this format. However, after the holiday season, I’m hoping to include a vlog in my entries, as well as write what the content is in the traditional blog method. So readers will have the choice to either watch my vlog, or read the content. Instead of 50% blog and 50% vlog, I’m shooting for 100%blog and 100% vlog…If that makes any sense LOL.

Youtube is a way to attract new readers, and I am starting a series about my experience with autism in more details to help as many families as I can. I’m hoping by using my blog and Youtube I can reach more families.

I really appreciate readers like you. Especially the ones that have time to let me know what they like and what they don’t. I will be sure to keep to my roots while exploring new methods to get my message out.

Thank you!

I hope this clears things up for all my regular readers. My blog is not turning into a Vlog. I’m working to get my message out that Autism is not a death sentence and why early learning is so important. So I’m trying to use different parts of the internet to do just that.

My blog goal for 2015 is:
– Traditional Blog entries Monday, Wednesday and Friday (May or May Not include a vlog, but readers can skip it if they want and still get the same content)
– Vlogs 5 days a week.
– Start my autism series
– Finish my ebook which has been in the works for 3 years and get it up on my blog.
– Monthly updates about how the boys are doing.

I focus on my blog Monday through Friday, and the weekend I use as family time. Well except for today, when I read this comment I felt it deserved a Sunday blog entry 🙂

Let me know what you think!! If you are reading my blog and have a opinion like A. did, PLEASE share it. I will not know unless you tell me.

Thank you everyone for your support.


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