Educational, Yet Fun Christmas Gifts for 2014

I love Christmas! The family, the friends, holiday traditions, etc. I could skip the cold and the snow, but besides that I love the holidays season. One of my favorite things is gift giving. I love giving gifts!

My favorite people to buy for are my boys. I know they don’t need a ton of gifts at Christmas, but I love to see their faces light up Christmas morning when they see the presents around the tree.

Thing is I’m a toy snob. I wasn’t always that way. But over the years I have seen what toys last the test of time and which ones fall apart after being used only a time or two. I also like toys to serve a purpose. I want to help my child learn something or build a skill.

I could sit here and write about each two, but instead I decided to make a video. This year I made 2 videos one about what I bought Wes who is 9 years old and the other what I bought Little Z who is 2 years old.

I hope you enjoy them! If you do please give the video a thumbs up and subscribe to my Youtube Channel. This way you can keep up and current with all the new videos that are being uploaded almost daily Monday to Friday.

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