Family New Year’s Eve Party Ideas with Little Ones

Family New Years


I know many of you are still in Christmas mode, and the thought of making New Years Eve plans are on the back burner. Especially once you become a parent. New Years partying is over now that the little ones are in the picture.

Well I’m here to say you can still have a wonderful evening! Kids and all!

On New Years Eve my hubby bartends every year, so its just me and the boys. So I decided to plan ahead and come up with some ideas to do with the kids to make the evening more fun!

1) Movie Night!

I plan on looking for some old classic movies I use to watch as a child. Beethoven, the Original Home Alone, Little Rascals, Camp Nowhere, Halloween Town, Mrs. Doubtfire. I’ll let the kids pick, but I want them to experience some of the movies that were big when I was a child.

2) Buy discounted Christmas candies and bake goods:

So what is movie without awesome yummy movie treats,

Ok so I’m not much of a baker. I’m not going to lie, the kitchen is not really my forte. I land up under cooking, overcooking, or messing up the recipe. Wasting baking supplies, and messing up the kitchen.

So this year, I’m going to the grocery store right after Christmas and buying a bunch of Christmas baked good that are discounted and freeing them. Then in the morning on Dec 31th, I’ll pull them out  of the freezer. Presto! Yummy snacks and a cup of hot chocolate on the side. Perfection!  I mean I guess I could do popcorn and chips, but how is that any different from any other movie night.

3) Drink out plastic wine glasses, use sparklers, &  wear party hats. 

I noticed the local dollar store here sells all sorts of New Years Eve party gear. So I decided to go buy New Year Eve party hats, some glow sticks, sparklers and fun things to ring in the New Year with. I’m also going to look for some “fancy” plastic wine glasses to drink apple juice out of.

4) Balloon Count Down:

So my 9 year old has really enjoyed his chocolate advent calendar this year. This was an annual thing for me as a child. However since up until this year Wes had a dairy and gluten allergy, he was not able to enjoy this tradition until now.

Since he enjoys the countdown so much, I’m planning on setting up balloons from 6pm till midnight. Every hour on the hour we will pop a balloon to celebrate the last hours of 2014. Pausing the movie or whatever we happen to be doing at the time and popping the balloon.

If the sound of popping balloons is too scary for your child, may be set up paper bags with activities to do every hour on the hour. Be creative!

5)  Time Capsule:

This year I’m going to do something new. I’m going to sit down with my 9 year old and we are going to write about our favorite things that happened this year, and some goals for next year. We will then open it up New Years Eve 2015.

6) Board games:

What a perfect time to pull out those new board games your children might have gotten for Christmas and try them out. If they didn’t get any, pull out an old favorite. Young children love playing board games with mom and dad.


These are just some fun ideas I plan to do with my kids this year. Remember its suppose to be fun, so keep it that way. If your little one cannot stay up till midnight, plan to celebrate at a different time. Set up your count down till 10pm instead(or as early as you need to.) Sometimes you can PVR fireworks from other time zones, or find some on youtube.

What are your ideas for a child friendly New Years Eve 2014.

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  1. Oh, I so love the idea of introducing the kids to classic kid favorite movies! Sweet Pea is not old enough for that but I have a long list of movies I want to watch with her. This is a great time to do that! Thanks for the idea.

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