Dave Ramsey Starting February 1st. Getting Back On The Wagon!

Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover

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Last year I did really good using the Dave Ramsey Snowball Plan and Budgeting system(mytotalmoneymakeover.com.) Then I fell of the wagon. I paid off some debt since then, but not nearly as much as I could have, So I decided that February is the month to get control of my money, instead of letting it control me.

My goal is to pay off $10,000 dollars by December 2015.

Yikes! That is a scary number to write…

But it is important to me that come September 2017 I be nearly debt free. Little Z is scheduled to start Kindergarten then. I don’t want debt to be the deciding factor to whether we choose to homeschool him or send him to school. I want to decide on what’s best for him, not have to send him because I can’t afford to stay home and focus on his education.

I’m finding that I’m spending too much time searching Kijiji and buying little things here or there. I should be purging and selling the stuff I have here in my home and garage cluttering our space.

So I am getting back onto the Total Money Makeover! And I WILL pay off $10,000 dollars of principal debt(not including interest) by Dec 2015.

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