Little Zman is THREE

IMG_3271Well I have to apologize, Little Z has decided that he’s too cool to nap now, so I’m having a bit of trouble working in blogging time. But I think we finally have worked in a little bit of routine here, so I’m hoping to update everyone more often about our journey.

Can you believe that Little Z has turned 3!!!! In a blink of an eye, pow! He’s three. I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around that.

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The night before his party, I tried to be all Martha Stewart and make him a Pinterest quality birthday cake. LOL well in the end it turned out ok. But let me tell you, it was almost a pinterest FAIL. The icing started drying as I was laying down the M&Ms. I only had enough icing sugar to make icing the cake, not enough to make a bit extra to reapply if it started to dry. But over all I was happy with the outcome.


I couldn’t help but burst out laughing when we finished singing Happy Birthday. Little Z is so use to cheering at the end of the song when it is sung for other people, that instead of blowing out his candle he started cheering and clapping.


And after a busy birthday party, we stopped by for a visit at my parents house where Little Z passed out on their couch, hugging his brand new plane.



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