Get outside!!! Are Canadian Kids Becoming Basement Babies?

20150523_014557161_iOSRight now I’m sitting in my lawn chair outside with my laptop in my lap, baby monitor by my side and my 3 year old struggling to take off his shirt in the trampoline jumping away I stumbled upon this article on Facebook: Canadian children in dire need of outdoor play: report

This got me thinking to my childhood. Growing up I had a mom with LOTS of anxieties about us being hurt. I mean she was super protective of my brother and I. One thing though was we were allowed to play a lot in our back yard unsupervised. I was required to stay in my yard or my cousins yard when they lived next door to us. I remember having so much fun. When I turned 10 or 11 I was allowed to bike around our small town and hang out with friends.

Things have changed a lot since I was a kid. Now I should remind you that I’m only 30, so really it wasn’t that long ago. Now I worry when I run into the gas station to pay and leave my 3 year old and 10 year old in the van (running and locked). I worry that some “good samaritan” will call CFS on me. I worry if I let my 9&10 year olds go off to the park together that that same “good samaritan” will call the police on me. Now all this worry is making it so parents just give up and keep their kids inside.

This summer I decided things are going to be different. Wes got a scooter and a skateboard for his birthday. His step sister and him also have bikes. Since the big kids are getting older we are allowing them some more freedoms. They are allowed to bike on the sidewalk on our block. Skateboards, because they are new and not very experienced, they have to stay within 2 houses both sides of us.

I’m going to fill up the sandbox with sand,  they also have a trampoline. This year we are aiming to spend 3 hours a day MINIMUM outside. Ideally I’d like them out there all day. So while I’m not ok with them running all over the neighbourhood, there are lots of stuff available here, and on our block.

We are also making a conscience effort this year to get the family outside doing things. Like hikes, family bike rides, day at the beach. Its how memories are made.

Do your kids spend as much time outside as you would like?

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