Happy 10th Birthday Wes!

20150609_141946000_iOS I can’t believe I’m writing this entry already. My son turned 10 years old today. When I first started this blog, he was 5 years old.

Over the years we have been through so much with him. But he has grown into the most amazing little man. He is just so sweet and kind. Today I felt really guilty. My allergies have gone haywire because of the smoke from the forest fires in Saskatchewan blowing into Manitoba. I wanted to make his an awesome cake, but I just couldn’t muster the energy. Honestly, he almost got a store bought cake. So when he came home from school today, there was a slab cake waiting with just plain chocolate icing. Pretty boring if you ask me.

Me: I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make you a pretty cake like I wanted to Wes.

Wes: Thats ok Mom, this cake is pretty too.

Heart melts. Honestly this cake was far from pretty, but to him, he didn’t care. He just knew I made it with love.

20150609_222006580_iOSWe had my parents and brother over for dinner today, open presents and ate cake.20150609_223045711_iOS He got a scooter,  full size skateboard and a mini skateboard. He spent a good chunk of time outside messing around on them. I wish I could have gone out and played with him, but the smoke still bothers me. Luckily he had the company of my dad and brother.

On top of the Lego sets he got(which will come in handy this summer when he’s not in camp and looking for something to do.) He also got some Jet items. This year he has become a huge Winnipeg Jets fan. I wish tickets were not so expensive. I’d love to take him to a game one time.

Happy Birthday Little Man! I can’t believe we have some so far in our journey together.

This evening I heard some pretty sad news. A woman that makes my boys birthday t shirts 3 month old was diagnosed with cancer. It is so heartbreaking. There is something very terribly wrong with this world when little babies are getting cancer. What are we doing to ourselves and our children?? Cancer, autism, autoimmune diseases.

I sent the boys to bed tonight, and I sat down in my room with my diffuser blowing. Then something said I should go read with Wes. I mean yes its past bedtime, but I should go read with him anyhow. All this cancer talk has made we realize I should hug my kids a little bit tighter. So I went in and he wasn’t sleeping yet. So we read a chapter of Zombie Goldfish.

Savouring moments that are usually taken for granted.