Preschool Prodigies eBook And Bells Review



If you haven’t heard of Mr Rob’s preschool music program, you must go check out his website Preschool Prodigies Lessons for the Young Musician.

I’ve been working on music with Little Z since he was 7 months old using a program called BrillKids Little Musician. We ran thought this programs 1 year curriculum twice and Little Z did learn a lot. But I was stumped, now where do we go from there. Z is too young to start taking piano lessons. Now I know that, yes I’m sure I could convince Wes’s teacher to take him on. However he is just a bit too active right now. Maybe in 6 months I will reevaluate and I might pay her to do a weekly 10 mins lesson. Before for now I need something different.

Then my dear Early Learning friend told me about this Mr Rob guy, that has a band that host “Baby Raves”. Baby Raves?? I will admit the first thing that came to mind was a bunch of babies dropping acid and dancing to techno. Turns out (Thankfully!) that Mr Rob is not trying to corrupt our little ones. Mr Rob and his band Nature Jam, perform at libraries and festivals, singing silly songs about avocados and awesome songs about treating other people the way you want to be treated. I love while watching Nature Jam’s youtube videos, that the words are scrolling on the screen while they sing. This is awesome for Early Learning Mom’s and Dad’s teaching your little ones to read.

 Well the reason my friend mentioned any of this was because Rob designing a program using desk bells with corresponding colors. Best part, the colors are super similar to the colors in the Little Musician program.

 While I was going through the Preschool Prodigies YouTube videos to create a playlist for Little Z, I stumbled across this video. It a brief explanation on how this program works.

This is one of the examples of the video lessons Mr Rob presents. What I like to do is play these lessons for Little Z while he eats his breakfast. Then later in the day we sit down with the sheet music and bells and practice what we watched earlier. Little Z is quite a busy boy, but if you have a little one that is a little less active, you may be able to get them to follow along and use the bells while watching the videos. I know this is what we are working towards.

20150519_222114687_iOSSo what do we think of Preschool Prodigies?

Wow! What a well put together package. BrillKids Little Musician was a tough act to follow, but Preschool Prodigies really offered everything I was looking for.

The sheet music is very child friendly. I can see kids who use this program being able to easily slip into sight-reading regular music when the time comes.

desk bellsThe whole program is so affordable. The e-book “My First Song Book Vol 1” is available for purchase for $9.99. You have the choice, you can us this program on the color coded desk bells(pictured to the left) which are available for $54, or you can also place color coded stickers on your keyboard. These stickers are currently on sale for $8.99. They also have available on their website in the same color scheme Boomwhackers and Resonator bells that can be separated into 8 different instruments.

It is completely possible to teach a group of preschoolers using this programs. You can also us this program with your toddler or preschooler and learn more than one instrument.

When you head over to Preschool Prodigies you can sign up for a free ebook called Raising a Young Musician. This guide will help you try this program at nearly no cost. Once you know this is the program for your child you can invest in an instrument then,

You can clearly tell that Mr Rob loves what he does. His passion in his podcast is clear. You can download these podcast straight to your apple device, or you can view them online here. Also according to the website, we can look forward to a mobile app in the spring.

So between the ebook and the new podcast coming up regularly this program is an amazing way to teach your child perfect pitch, plus set your child up for a love of learning music. The foundations will be laid out for them to really succeed in music.