Homeschooling Hauling This Summer Part 1… Throwback Thursday

So I’m always looking for new things to use to help teach my kids. Even though Wes is in public school full time during the year, I still feel responsible to make sure that there are no gaps in his education. As well Little Z is now 3, so we have started continued to working on preschool skills, as well as reading and math skills.

I also know, more then likely I will be homeschooling Little Z for at least kindergarten. So in order to homeschool on the cheap, you have to plan ahead.

Back in the summer I found it much easier to film a Youtube video then it was to take pictures and post about all of my thrift store finds. But I figured I would compile the videos here so if you are not often on Youtube, you can still check them out.

Homeschooling on a budget: Thrift store/Costco Haul July 2015

Homeschool and Road Trip Haul (Dollar Tree, Thrift Store and Superstore) July 2015

Thrift Store and Dollar Store Homeschooling Haul July 2015

Homeschooling Thrift Store and Garage Sale Haul July 2015

Homeschool hauling at the local MCC Thrift Store. Brain quest, leapfrog, etc. August 2015

Great Homeschooling Finds for Cheap! Local library Sale. Building a home library. August 2015

Preschool Homeschool hauling. Thrift store/ Goodwill  August 2015

 So while I was working on this I realized how many videos I actually posted during the summer. So watch for Homeschooling Hauling This Summer Part 1… Throwback Thursday, next Thursday.

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