Homeschooling Hauling This Summer Part 2… Throwback Thursday

Last week I started a post to share the videos I had made this summer about my homeschooling related thrift store finds. During the summer I found it really hard to get on the computer and blog. Some days it was just easier to jump on my phone and film about what I had found. Especially when I’m wanting to talk about the books I found. Videos allow me to flip through and show you exactly what is inside each book.

Since I found the videos were popular on Youtube, I thought I would share them here for my readers that are not regularly on Youtube. Originally it was going to just be one post. However once I started actually working on it did I realize I had filmed a lot more than I thought. So it has become a Throwback Thursday series.

Homeschool Materials for free!! Preschool homeschooling and 5th Grade Afterschooling. August 2015

Value Village Preschool Homeschooling Haul/Thrifty (Cat in the Hat, Brain Quest, leapfrog) August 2015

Once Upon A Child Thrift Store Book Haul / Preschool August 2015

Dollarama Haul. Shockingly Good Homeschooling Workbooks August 2015

Goodwill Hauling. Leapfrog, Cars and Fly guy for Preschool. (Was accidentally deleted) August 2015

Stay Tuned next Thursday for the last part of this series: Homeschooling Hauling This Summer Part 3… Throwback Thursday

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