Overdue Halloween Adventure Update


Halloween has come and gone for another year. Honestly it was always one of my favorite holidays. As a kid I loved dressing up and going out with my friends trick or treating. You can’t forget about the Halloween Slumber Parties. As I got older the Halloween Parties, dressing up and going to the bar. But then the kids came and things changed.

Now I have these little humans that I get to dress up in adorable costumes, that I wish was socially acceptable to always have them in.

20151029_135034407_iOSWe started off on the Thursday before Halloween with a duo daycare party. My good friend who also has a home daycare came over for a little daycare get together. We all got dressed up, and the kiddos spent the whole time playing. After lunch the kiddos got to indulged in some yummy chocolate cupcakes my friend made and some “worms and dirt” dessert one of my daycare families brought.

That night though, I somehow managed to slam my fingers in the driver’s side door of my van. And I don’t mean, just bounce the door off my fingers. I mean the darn thing latched closed. I cried the whole way home from 711. My friend finally convinced me to get my engagement ring off. As soon as I got it off the pain decreased. I guess the swelling was able to happen without the rings restriction.

The next day was Friday. I had 2 daycare kiddos, one was going to be leaving early and the other was going to be joining us at the mall Trick or Treating. During lunch, my daycare girl who suppose to be coming with us landed up having an asthma attack. Since this was her first full blown attack, her mom and I agreed she should be picked up and taken to the doctor. Then my other daycare kiddo was picked up and it was just Little Z, myself and my friend and her son.


The local mall does trick or treating during the day on Halloween. If it falls on a weekend they do it Friday. They always make sure it’s during the week so the little kids can come early and not have to be trampled on by the big kids. Little Z did awesome, he walked about 3/4 of the mall snacking on suckers as we went. ¬†After that he asked to be carried, my friend decided to see if her Little boy wanted to walk and do his trick or treating that way instead of in the stroller. So Z when in the stroller and promptly passed out. Sugar coma at its finest.

After we finished up there, we hurried and picked up Wes from school. I had seen someone had posted that Ikea does a safe halloween the night before Halloween. So we thought we would check it out. Wow… It was a bit on the lame side. No one seemed to know what was going on. At the end though, we stopped at the cafeteria and bought cinnamon buns. Mmmmmm…. Ikea cinnamon buns made it worth the trip.

20151031_015143737_iOSWes came home that day with a pumpkin they had carved at school. Then him and hubby wanted to carve some pumpkins and make pumpkin seeds. Think there was a single store that had pumpkins still. LOL NO! So I remembered that a friend of mine on facebook was selling them this year. I messaged her and sure enough she had some. So Wes and I when and grabbed some. We never actually carved them because it was so late. But we did get into some of them and make pumpkin seeds.


Then it was the big day. I woke up and my eye was all messed up. I swear when I slammed my hand in the door it messed everything up. The nerves were shooting pain up my arm, into my neck. I felt ill and kept having headaches. I’m sure the shock did a number on my immune system, because after I visited the craniosacral therapist a few days later, I feel 100% better. I’m not sure if it was really pink eye, or a cold in my eye. But I didn’t have time to go to wait in a walk in clinic, so I went to the pharmacy and picked up some Polysporin drops. We lazied around most of the day, then I took the boys for slurpees. This was Little Z’s first slurpee. I’m sorry to say he didn’t enjoy it for long, as he also experienced his first brain freeze.

We were not sure how it was going to be in the evening. It had been raining all day, and just looked like it was going to be a miserable night. However, even though it was misting all night it was beautiful. The mist was refreshing, and we all left our coats in the van.

The only issue is, Z usually likes to go to bed around 7-730. He starts slowing down around 6. He didn’t understand that we are not there to visit people. He just ran into my friends auntie’s house. The whole going to everybody’s house, but not stay was very confusing to him. Eventually my friend and I just put the little boys in the stroller wagon and pushed them as close to the door as we could get and held out their buckets with their older brothers. They did enjoy the candy, and are able to eat it, just all the stairs to get to people’s doors was too much. Everyone was so sweet and no one made any rude comments.

Last year we were in my home town and so many people were so rude to Z. He had trouble walking in his costume, plus he looks a lot younger than he really is. So people didn’t want to give him candy. They told me I was just going to eat it. So rude. I’m really glad we choose to stay in our neighborhood this year.


20151101_021747532_iOS 20151101_022658710_iOS

The kids did really well, we were out for about 2-2.5 hours and they filled a pillowcase and about 1/3 of another pillow case. I have no pictures of Z by the candy once it was dumped out because he was out cold.

We had a blast. It was sad for me not to spend Halloween in my hometown because it’s so nostalgic for me. But I can see that it is easier for my kids to trick or treat in the city where the houses are closer together and people are less judgemental.

Good time with my kids and friends. No much more a mom can ask for.

How did you spend Halloween??