Overdue Penners Pumpkins and Scarecrow Forest Visit 2015

With Z having an afternoon tutor starting, so I should have no excuse not to update. Another motivation should also just recently paid for my domain and hosting fees. Yikes! But at least you know I’ll be around for another year.

20151024_193752545_iOSThe weekend before Halloween, we went back to Penners Pumpkins and Scarecrow Forest. I wrote about this place last year(Click Here to Read). Now this place is actually more of a fall experience instead of a Halloween experience. There are no witches, ghost, or goblins. This is a wholesome, place for parents to take their children for fall fun. (I’m not against Halloween activities by any means, but I know they are not for some families, and that’s cool too.) I was extra excited because Hubby and my step daughter were able to join us this year.

I think what I love most about Penners Pumpkins and Scarecrow Forest is the homemade feel. The slides, the corn box, the zipline, it’s all homemade. Some very handy people, turned their farm into a fun place for kids to experience country style play.



Myself and the kids got to go on the zipline. Even little Z got a chance. I don’t think he knew what he was getting into, but he had fun flying down the line with me. I really liked that it’s affordable. As I’m sure everyone knows it is usually super expensive to Zip Line. Here it only cost 1 $2 ticket per person.









While the big kids were running through the corn maze, little Z got to go for a pony ride. He loved it, but I think he would have prefered not to wear the helmet. With all the cases of lice going around, I also wish the kids did not need to share helmets with strangers. So as soon as we got home I rubbed a special essential oil blend our herbalist/aromatherapist made for us that repels lice in our hair. All was good.





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I want one of these in my backyard! Every year I can’t get over how cool the corn-box is, and how much fun it is to play in. Plus it’s not nearly as dirty as a regular sandbox.

Z was actually enjoying himself, just everytime I snapped a photo he looked like he was sad.





Also we can’t forget the mention the duck races. We each purchased a little rubber ducky for one ticket, then we were able to use him all day and race. Love these old fashioned water pumps.








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All three kids loved the homemade play structures what were all over the farm. We were able to measure Little Z on the height chart compared to last year. All three kids had fun playing with the homemade horse tire swing. Little Z needed a bit of help this year climbing the hay bail pyramid, but I’m sure next year he will be tall enough.

Simple outdoor country fun. Just what my city kids need. I can’t wait to visit Penners Pumpkins and Scarecrow forest again next year.

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