52 Week Bucket List for 2016

So looking back at my 2015 bucket list, I realize that I should have printed it out and had it available to look at. I did check off several items, but I did not get done nearly as much as I would have liked to.

That being said, 2016 is a brand new year. I grabbed my list of 52 things I’d like to get done from last year and and edited it for the up and coming year. This year the changes I will be making to be more successful are:

  • Printing out my list and posting it somewhere I can constantly refer to it.  In 2015 I did several of my listed tasks without realizing it, and failed at others because I simply forgot to do them. By having them printed and posted, I’m more likely to successed.
  • Set reminders in my phone. I think having an alarm that goes off every day at 9pm will help me remember to complete my 365 pictures challenge. Or programming reminders in my phone to complete different tasks will help me plan for success.
  • Create check list or logs for task that are being completed over a longer period. Create logs to show what books I have read, checklist for blog post I have completed, etc. I’m a visual person, the more I see things being checked off and completed, the more likely I’m going to work to continue to complete them.

1) Clean and organize my bedroom closet and drawers.

2) Clean front entry closet and Linen Closet

3) Clean and organize all the kitchen cupboards

4) Follow the 365 day declutter challenge. (allowing myself to complete 2 or more days in one day to catch up or get ahead. This will allow me to plan for life’s bumps in the road, sick kids, surprise guest, lazy mommy day, etc.) I will log this by checking off the premade calendars at http://www.home-storage-solutions-101.com/declutter.html

5) Clean and organize laundry room and basement bathroom.

6) Read 20 books. Children’s chapter books with my son does not count.

7) Clean out garage so we can park both cars in.

8) Donate 30 garbage bags or boxes worth of items to the Canadian Diabetes Clothesline or other places.(Check list required)

9) Sell stuff we are not using and make $1000 to put towards debt. Can be via Kijiji, Facebook groups, garage sales,etc. (Log required)

10) Organize all my bills and paperwork into binders

11) Read the Bible in a Year. (allowing myself to complete 2 or more days in one day to catch up or get ahead. This will allow me to plan for life’s bumps in the road, sick kids, surprise guest, lazy mommy day, etc.)

12) 52 week money challenge. (Log Required)

13) Banana island for one week.

14) Pay off $5000 on my line of credit

15) Get back on the Dave Ramsey Budget (Log Required)

16) Take my kids camping or to a cabin

17) Potty Train Z

18) Pay off and cancel my Sears Mastercard.

19) Crazy glue the tracks to the train table downstairs in my daycare area to an elaborate town.

20) Clear all the NAET autism kit for both boys.

21) Exercise 160 time in 2015 for 20-30mins. (Log Required)

22) Lose 20lbs (Log Required)

23) Read 500 regular kids books with Little Z. (Log Required)

24) Create 100 Homemade Glenn Doman Inspired Books for Z. (Check List Required)

25) Create 15 Learning Binders.

26) Read 20 Chapter books WITH Wesley. (Log Required)

27) Organize and decorate Little Z’s room.

28) Blog 52 times in 2016 (Check List Required)

29) Give up fast food for 6 months. (Checklist required)

30) Instagram 1 photo a day challenge. (Set timer in phone)

31) Get Wesley back on the allowance system and teach him how to handle money.

32) Make it out to Hawaii to visit my Online Bestie.

33) Learn to cook 20 new dishes. (Log Required)

34) Finish my ebook.

35) Organize and clean out the laundry room.

36) Make my mom a scrapbook.(either digital or homemade)

37) Make my Auntie Doris a scrapbook (either digital or homemade)

38)Take the kids Strawberry Picking

39) Take a ride on the Steam Train at Assiniboine Park

40) Attend the local homeschooling convention this year.

41) Take the kids to the Snake Pits

42) Take the kids to Kids City

43) Take the kids bowling

44) Visit the Farmers Market at Birds Hill

45) Set up the window bird box

46) Donate Blood

47) Help the kids create Christmas Shoeboxes for the needy

48) Get a Family Photo taken

49) Take Wes to Skyzone

50) Take Wes to do Archery

51) Take an overnight trip as a couple without the kids.

52) Visit the International Peace Garden

What is on your 2015 bucket list?

Watch for blog updates on how I’m doing!